Zimbabwe forum: Other - What your phone color says about you as a person (must read this ;))
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22 May 2014 12:30

Did you know that the colour of your phone can reveal what kind of person you are? Read insights provided by psychologists and share your opinion on this:

RED is the colour of those who live life to the fullest. Tenacious and determined, a red mobile phone symbolises strength, health and passion. It is usually chosen by people with an open and uncomplicated nature.

ORANGE is the colour of luxury and pleasure. Appealing to the flamboyant and fun-loving, an orange handset characterises a good-natured and popular owner. It is also connected with curiosity and restlessness.

YELLOW is the colour of intellect and is associated with a clear and precise thinker. Chosen by the mentally adventurous, a yellow device reflects a good business head, a strong sense of humour and sunny personality.

GREEN is the colour of hope, renewal and peace. Loved by those who are kind and frank, a green smartphone depicts those who consider their reputation to be very important. It is also preferred by people who are gentle and sincere.

BLUE is the colour of harmony and balance. Usually a choice for those who believe stability is the most important aspect in life, a blue phone is owned by someone who is reliable. It also symbolises trust, loyalty and integrity.

PURPLE is the colour of the artistic and unique. Highly individual and witty, a purple handset tends to belong to those in a position of authority. Tolerant and dignified, it is chosen by the unconventional and sometimes, misunderstood.

PINK is the colour of love and affection without passion. Embodying the gentler qualities of red, a pink smartphone characterises an owner who desires protection and security. It is often chosen by those who are charming.

BROWN is the colour of stamina and patience. Reliable and dependable, a brown mobile phone reflects a conscientious and conservative nature. Lovers of brown are never impulsive and thrive on responsibility.

BLACK is the colour of power and privacy. Often representing the unknown, a black device denotes a formal and authoritative owner. Considered a safe choice, it is preferred by those who are careful with the details of their lives.

WHITE is the colour of purity and innocence. Organised and logical, a white phone is owned by someone who strives for sophistication and perfection. It is also connected with youth and high standards.

23 May 2014 11:01

very true......my phones r either black or white. thats true abt me.

23 May 2014 18:17

true thanks

25 May 2014 09:19

Black- kkkkkkkkk true

25 May 2014 11:22

The sky is the limit . Myn is red

25 May 2014 12:32

Black and white....true for me

25 May 2014 12:41

very prohetic...woooo

25 May 2014 13:56

TRUE my 4nes are either red/ white

25 May 2014 19:47

True hey black n white wooooo

25 May 2014 23:22

Very tru hey

26 May 2014 12:19

Wooool,sounds great its true mne red

27 May 2014 05:03

All the same

27 May 2014 05:56


27 May 2014 07:28

i got to the dilaz that's what was there & i bought it.. Nah i don't think mine has got anything to do with that

27 May 2014 14:44

this is a lie

27 May 2014 18:20

Nice###### White.

27 May 2014 18:25

gold orenge

28 May 2014 01:44


28 May 2014 12:08

white and black It's true

2 Jun 2014 01:31

black......luv it