Zimbabwe forum: Business - It is necessary to have own e-shop?
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16 Jan 2014 05:18

Many traders are asking theirselves? Is it necessary to have own e-shop if you are going to start selling via internet?
What is your opinion.

I think, for the very beginning it's enough to use such services as MoboFree marketplace. It will alow to check if there is demand for your good. Also you will get visitors without investing a penny.
Creating own e-shop is costly and again -you will not have visitors in it. You will have to spend a lot of money additionally.

29 Aug 2015 15:21

The advantages of owning your own e-shop or e-commerce website

1 u can design it to behave the way you like
2 u can earn revenue from adverts or google adwords and adsense
3 u can configure your security according to what you like
4 u dont have any limitation unlike when u are using someones website
5 u can configure any payment system eg paypal as you wish
most of all you have complete control of what is yours

12 Feb 2016 11:13

Tell me more about this e-shop want to learn more