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21 Apr 2016 08:03

Do You Believe In Miracles Performed by Local Prophets

21 Apr 2016 23:42

As long as he is a true servant of God bein' local doen't matter. We mis our miraclez cz we dont accept those of our own jst like those who rejected Jesus in his home city.

26 Apr 2016 09:49


26 Apr 2016 09:53

jesus turned water in to wine .

26 Apr 2016 09:56

The same with our local prophets.

26 Apr 2016 13:45

I do'nt believe any of that but I strongly believe that God performs miracles.

27 Apr 2016 15:17

nop i dnt

29 Apr 2016 22:12

Yeah i do believe in some

30 Apr 2016 13:11

mi jss believe in Jah coz prophets of nwadys ar money mongers

5 May 2016 23:55

yes but on my prayer s

6 May 2016 10:33

yes God performs miracles and also thru a man

8 May 2016 05:44

For a start I think that your statement is wrong to thnk that Prophets perform miracles, Prophets dn't perform miracles here am referring to true Prphets of God and non as well. To the true God Almighty does those through His servants the Prophets it's rare you see God appearing in Himself but uses either people or other thngs. There is nothing like local or foreign Prophet t's either of God or not of God and it ends there.

8 May 2016 11:32

Y should i

21 May 2016 08:14

I blv in prayers nt miracles

15 Jun 2016 20:21


18 Jun 2016 08:21

hell no! i really dont. If you truely a christian you should not seek for richies. give those who are in need .i truely tell you that, we shall know the truth soon when u will realise that those prophets are fake ones.

28 Jul 2016 23:34


30 Jul 2016 11:10

Remember in Egypt der wre also magicians who got evn mor powers lyk Moses, en sum ofcz ther r tru miracles bt agn they abuse thoz powers e.g on miracle money en othr thngs

17 Aug 2016 21:44

i believe only miracles from god

14 Oct 2016 20:06

Desperation mkes pple believe illusions the bible warns u beware of false prophets the devil with all his power can perform amazing deeds tht can be termed miracles thy r men doing things now tht are amazing but not Godly tell mi wats Godly about Makandiwa making a man's penis grow or his miracle baby lets not be deceived by men of flesh doing things tht God dsnt approve there are prophets nd there are false prophets beware