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29 Mar 2016 11:29

Is there life on other planets?

The answer to the question is that we do not know whether there is life on other planets in our galaxy or even in the universe. I would LIKE to be able to say, sure, there is probably LOTS of life in our galaxy, but there really is no concrete evidence for more life, other than the life on our planet.

29 Mar 2016 11:37

1 Apr 2016 15:59

Wat r u guys reading ? There is lots of proof of life forms from other planets besides the American and Russian governments agreeing to Hve alien guests who Hve helped them with technological leaps in the past there are also sightings of unidentified flying objects (wonder y we call them tht when we know thy are alien ships) so pple erase the notion tht earth is the only planet with life forms

5 Apr 2016 19:50
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6 Apr 2016 17:21

The önly life i knw is the one in the bible not the1 spoken by scientists

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10 Apr 2016 22:55

I dont think so becoz not even a sample of humans where taken to live on any of other planets so that they may testify to us hw it was even for just a week. Some were said to have gone to moon and they said there was no force of gravity , ukuwo vamwe vanoti the sun take 84 days to rotate the mercury and 250 yrs to rotate pluto . Manje soo do you expect life in such planets

11 Apr 2016 05:00

I think its quite possible to have life on other planets

13 Apr 2016 22:24

cum in its no way possible

13 Apr 2016 22:26

Life is on earth only.

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13 Jun 2016 17:34

Of coz there is lots of life on other planets,what u have to understand is alien life have nothing to do with earthly chemistry,dont assume that all beings in the universe need terrestial elements e.g oxygen,they dont.

2 Jul 2016 07:49

some of the scientists spoken things are false. Read genesis about the creation of men. there is no such a thing like an alien. i think earth is the only planet God created suited for us.

1 May 2017 18:52

From old discoverings now it has come to light that former scientists information by now its invalid,new techinology discoverd that planets are uncountable and by that there are higher chances of life somewr only the research are not yet complete

13 Oct 2017 20:34

Anyone in Masvingo