Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Gender inequality (feminist theory)
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11 Mar 2016 21:46

The liberal feminist pointed out that MARRIAGE is a site of gender inequality arguing that woman do nt benefit from being married as men do
they also went on to say married women have higher level of stress than unmarried women and married men

here iz the subject for debate ladies and gentlemen relating to your own own marriage or relationship whats your take on this one
are these arguments correct or not?

21 Mar 2016 12:48

Everyone suffers strain or stress in an relationship but man tend to ignore most of the things,woman carry most of the stress due to the fact of doing most of chores in homes and also they are the ones who no most of the basic when it comes to groceries and budget,some men avoid all this by taking drugs and alcohol or getting a girlfriend that's my own observation. On the other hand woman get more attached to man,but when it come to break-ups everyone feels the pain,some man are offended by power woman who earn more than then. Insecurities all causes problems on both sides. For any relationship to work there should be openness,compromising and communication that way the stress will be less on both sides

22 Mar 2016 11:58

The issue z nt about separation or devorce bt these pipo base their argument on the fact that woman are oppressed by man
division of labour or sharing of power r clear indication that woman are nt treated equally for instance if u look at a woman headed school u can still find the wch reads headmaster's office instead of headmistress wch means ther iz smthng wrng wch needs to be corrected in order to accept the significance of woman in the society n this cn only achieved first by addressing the marriage setuup first

22 Mar 2016 14:29

it hurts when a woman leaves a man unexpectedly than a man to leave. i think there should be a transparents method to guide relationships. but men are always above float to negotiate their wrongness

23 Mar 2016 02:25

Did women benefit frm a marriage institution as men do?