Zimbabwe forum: Other - What is your greatest loss in your life?
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9 Mar 2016 11:47

What was your greatest loss in your life?

I am doing research that relates to how others feel about there greatest loss.Additionally, I am interested in comparing how others react differently to death. So if anyone could answer these five questions i would really appreciate it. What was your greatest loss so far in your life? What exactly happened? Were there any unusual thoughts or feeling you had as a result from this loss? How were your sleep patterns affected by this loss? What words best describe exactly what you lost from your life?

9 Mar 2016 15:07

When my brother pass on last year

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9 Mar 2016 23:50

When my father passed on 21 years ago and was stil in school.

10 Mar 2016 00:31

my boyfrend passed away18 yrs ago,he was making arrangement for us to get married,up to date still single

10 Mar 2016 20:10

Sorry dear i feel for you

11 Mar 2016 15:49

It is nw 18yrs afta my father passed away. The last tym he ws taken to the hospital he orders to see us fo the last tym bt due to family politics i ws nt able to say goodbye

14 Mar 2016 07:22

The death of my mother on 1 March 2016. She was my pillar of strength and my only parent who was still alive. Im missing her too baThe death of my mother on 1 March 2016. She was my pillar of strength and my only parent who was still alive. Im missing her too bad.

15 Mar 2016 06:06
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18 Mar 2016 20:33

I lost my beloved wife as doctors where on strike in 2008

19 Mar 2016 08:34

No loss

20 Mar 2016 20:00

My young sister sarudzai passed away on the 4th april 2014 i love her so much it seems like nezuro chaiye have great pain in my heart

20 Mar 2016 20:20

Shame very sorry Mandy

26 Mar 2016 12:36

The loss of my beloved father who passed away on a sudden death on the 9 th of november 1998 when i was only 6 years old i miss him so much

26 Mar 2016 14:15

The loss of both parents n loved ones

28 Mar 2016 07:46

the loss of my twin sister

29 Mar 2016 11:47


13 Apr 2016 13:50

When my mother passed away and I was 7yrs old

14 Apr 2016 07:07

Losing my baby buddy boy Kevin my first born was a great loss to my life,my buddy was clever and intelligent now where on earth can I get this sweet little lad again?

22 Apr 2016 08:08

lost my husband in March and baby boy in October 2001.my baby boy died on my bdae.my dota and i share a bdae and since that fateful day we have failed to celebrate this day coz i feel pained

22 Apr 2016 11:14

I'm really sorry on your loss. Find solace in the fact that JESUS loves you.