Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Mother vs Wife (who is important?)
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7 Feb 2016 00:25

Mother vs Wife

Who is important in your life?

Please state your reasons.

9 Feb 2016 22:57


11 Feb 2016 04:13

Mum u have only one mum a wife u can have many bur u can never find another mum

11 Feb 2016 08:56

They are both important. the most two important who are to be treated with care. Amai is th one who brings you to th world.Th one who natures you until you are able to stand on your own, until you are mature enough to hv a wife. Th wife carries from there up to th end. You produce your own family with a wife. Build your own name witb a wife.your own empire, Your own Children, Your stamp in Life, your generation, the Legacy you leave behind, you do it with a Wife. Your wife cannot be your mother abd your mother cannot be your wife no matter how she loves you. These women cannot be compared abd they are both essential in a man's life. A wise man does not compare these two.A wise man does not make them fight. Haanyeye mai vake nemukadzi wake uye haanyeye mukadzi wake namai vake.He would show them kuti ndinokudai mese uye vese vane pavanofanira kugumira.

11 Feb 2016 09:10

@ teki read carefully the question is who is important than the other i have seen yr facts on both but tiri kuti akakosha kudarika mumwe ndiani obvious amai coz mukadzi mukanetsana unowana mumwe asi amai hapana kwaunowana vamwe vanongoitwa one chete

11 Feb 2016 09:12

Both are very important but the only challenge is that at times the wife does not want to take the same status as me of being a child. on the other hand the mother may not want to accept her a child.

11 Feb 2016 09:29

@kwaedza i do not agree with u mukadzi akakosha kwete kupfuura amai nekuti akatadza unomusiya amai vakatadza unokwanisa kuramba here

11 Feb 2016 10:27

mum .

11 Feb 2016 12:21

Foolishness wld lead many to think the wife is more important but alas sorry to disappoint u but mom is that's y u hve no choice in the matter a wife u can choose u can even replace if she dsnt work out but Nvr yo mother or yo father Nvr yo brother sister and relatives there is a reason fr this yo mother is the first woman u ever loved she the first woman to touch u kiss u adore u she is irreplaceable she is yo most important in any person's life

11 Feb 2016 12:32

Mai havana substitute you can have as many wives you want but moms no

11 Feb 2016 12:38

K09 and Taidinz the bond between you and your wife is also important than just to think of replacing her. Why do you have to think of replacing her? The issue here is that my mother has to understand that l m married and my wife has to understand that my mother is now our mother. These two are not interchangeably, they are not supposed to be put at the same level. Thus the moment the wife accepts that my mother is her mother then my wife becomes her child. They are not comparable mother/ even ambuya kumukuwasha is supreme

11 Feb 2016 13:40

Kwaedza in the first part of yo statement u seemed to disagree to mother bn more important yes we might hve differences in the reasons y we regard one more important than the other but yo last statement shows u agree the mere fact tht u cld hve chosen a different spouse but u cld Nvr hve chosen a different mother the mere fact tht this one decision is out of yo hands but the hands of God alone shows how important tht bond is God didn't trust any human to choose their parents the most important relation anyone has points to the fact tht it was an important decision hence the conclusion so easily made mom is more important than wife

11 Feb 2016 13:44

Teki yo arguement is sound but don't forget u come from a mother before u get a wife and even if u don't want to admit it most men save fr a few who had hard mothers most men want their wives to be as loving caring nd kind as their mothers hence she becomes a role model fr yo wife

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11 Feb 2016 14:07

@ taidnz u are 100% correct it not all that easy for a mum to carry u in her womb for nine months go to labour for u to be there and care for u as baby breast feeding u infact take care for all what u derseve then u are a grown up man u say yr wife is best coz u go to bed with her bare children with her at the end of the day she can neglect u as for a mother she is always be there for u underwhat comes blood is thicker than water go to yr senses men u get parental blessings from yr mum not yr wife

11 Feb 2016 14:19

Both are important but aunotodzikamisa and educate is your wife not mom...

11 Feb 2016 14:24

ummm mum is very important thana amantwana

11 Feb 2016 14:34

And that makes her the best u have said it yrself that u can't educate yr mum

11 Feb 2016 15:24

mum more important

11 Feb 2016 16:10

Every man has a mother but lots of men have no wives even the wives have mothers and not all mothers are wives

11 Feb 2016 16:30

Can without a wife
Who can live without mom