Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Wats the most important thing in life
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29 Jan 2016 18:22

Is it money nd wealth or family and friends or just good health

1 Feb 2016 15:59

Waking up alive everyday

1 Feb 2016 16:23

That y I said in life waking up alive is life once u wake up how would you define a good life after

4 Feb 2016 10:23


7 Feb 2016 18:20

Faith or hope is the most important thing in life. You can be without money and still survive. There are people out there who are alone when they have family, and friends that know them. Even if your health is in perfect condition without hope, good health doesnt mean much. To be stuck in a position where when u look all around you, and you discover you are alone and u gut nothing only takes one thing that can add that sense of delightfullness to wake-up each morning feeling alive. Having the faith in knowing that one day you will be alright.

7 Feb 2016 19:12

Yes faith even though the going is tough u know one day the tough will get going hope true that if u lose hope in life u have no reason to try