Zimbabwe forum: Family & kids - Equal rights /gender equality
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29 Jan 2016 18:16

Are there such things as equal rights amongst genders and individual or is it a matter of all humans r equal but some humans r more equal than others on all aspects be it physicality mentality r the two sexes ever equal or r we misguided in our persuit of equality let's not be driven by emotion in tackling this topic but let's really think and be honest with each other r men and women equal personally I dnt think they are each sex has traits that r different each sex has strong points in different areas I m a man I know men are physically stronger than women but I know women r maternally stronger than men I know men think faster than women yet women think more deeply than men men panic less than women yet women are more composed than men

27 Feb 2016 16:26

I am of the opinion that a struggle for gender-equality is a desparate attempt at mobilising at what was to live a whiff of a life-time of authoritarian traits.I know it is a baseless clause but etched deeply into our conscience.We are running the Mighty Universe-Politics.Economics.Entertainment.Social etc together as equal man and woman alike.History asserts the objective was and is the attainment of voting rights by women set the two on equal terrain.Remember I am a modern individual...I count my stock on a collectivated fora.