Zimbabwe forum: Other - Is money really the root of all evil or man himself
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29 Jan 2016 18:05

R humans greedy fr money if they are ds it coz them to be evilous or is man by his very nature evil money or no money is money accountable fr man's actions or is the man himself accountable if there was no money does it mean there would be no malice on earth or we would find other reasons to be malicious

2 Feb 2016 11:09

Money und man

2 Feb 2016 11:54

So u mean both money and man r root fr evil if we put money on a table would it desire to rob and kill

4 Feb 2016 10:26

Poverty is th root of all evil. money makes life easy.Poverty makes man evil..

4 Feb 2016 10:29

Shall I take it u mean only poor man r evil or r u implying the rich are evil in an attempt to evade poverty

7 Feb 2016 13:11

2 Timothy 3 vs 2 is written "mem will be lovers of money" depicting money on its own has no evil, but the desire and love to have it from man despite the means will lead to much evil

7 Feb 2016 23:19

Like th saying goes, a hungry man is an angryman. its being poor that makes one kill for it. when poor you are a nobody.your family is looked down upon. You cannot have your heart desires. In whatever organisation, a poor person is not recognised. Even if you bring up wise advise, it wont be tolerated. A rich man utters nonsense, pple will clap hands. Beeing poor reduces a man to nothing. All this makes one bitter with life. A person ends up doing whatever that can make him monish. So th main reason for being evil is poverty. Most pple vakaromba, wanted to make money but at th end of th day, zvokuparadza. thats how I see it.