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22 Jan 2016 13:35

Some books are so interesting that once you start reading you do not want to stop till you finish one such book is ;Jitterbug perfume by Tom Robins
Would you comment with one of your favorite books

22 Jan 2016 20:25

Patriotic Games, the cardinal of kremlim, the rising of red october,debit of honor, clear & present danger by tom clancy
pfumo reropa,gara ndichauya,kutonhodzwa kwachauruka,akanga nyimo avangarara

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23 Jan 2016 14:52

Come on guys where are you

25 Jan 2016 04:51

Nzvengamutsvairo n Garandichauya. Best shona novels. Samuel Tikana n Matigimu. U can read them over n over again

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27 Jan 2016 14:58

False impression ::by Jeffrey Archer::and Hollywood wives by Jackie Collins

29 Jan 2016 17:17

Works of fiction tambaoga Ziva kwawakabva but I advise you to read yo bible most nd non fictional books how the west underdeveloped Africa willy lynch the making of a slave enlighten yoself broaden yo horizon

31 Jan 2016 12:56

Writing Still: New Stories from Zimbabwe. Irene Staunton.