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13 Dec 2015 20:14

a lt of thngs happens wen cums to relationship
wch results in heart breaks,divorce ,loss of lyf and trust
hwever the best way to luv iz to luv as if u never been hurt
i knw smtms it ll b dffclt to let it go
bt u hev to be strng enough to face challnge
knwng dat break up wif smbdy doesnt mean iz the end of lyf

ther iz an exit fo evry entrance
dnt rest chang the better horizones are
waitn fo u

29 Dec 2015 12:05

de best way to me is to love with both ur heart n head (mind.)

6 Jan 2016 05:41

Theses days pple hve fake hearts bt to luv is loving wth yo whole heart coz the mind smetyms ruins the relationship. Why coz smetym u were cheated on and u thnk mayb this 1 is cheating on me so it wont work coz yo insecurity causes strain in yo relatioship so luv wth yo heart first

7 Jan 2016 11:29

The best way to love is to have lots of sex. If you are a guy after having sex with your gf if u still respect, trust and love her you gotta know you are in love.

8 Jan 2016 15:54

The best way to love is to do not cheat each other ,communication and do not have empty promises

8 Jan 2016 15:58

love is not about the sheets,you might have great sex but with no love,you need to have feelings and feel the love as well. love has to be a whole package with everything. the love you see on movies was written by someone,write your own with your partner.love is so complex the less you put in the less,so workhard to have a strong bond,love and happiness.just be yourself everything will fall into place,love is a life style.

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8 Jan 2016 16:06

forget issues of the past,dont remind your partner with his/her mistakes of the past.that will ruin the present happiness.

8 Jan 2016 16:12

the best way to love is to be faithful,respect and appreciate because love is a feeling that comes deep down one's heart once that feeling is lost, it is hard to re-fill.sex is not love that's why you see most ladies and gentleman are looking for multiple relationships because what they miss is pleasure not love.take for instance all those hookers they slip around with so many guys day in day out because what they are in search of is money not love because if it was love they would have exhausted it and fed up!

8 Jan 2016 17:24

I believe that you should love whole heartedly, respect and trust your partner and usatsvage makudo mugomo cause unoawana

12 Jan 2016 05:26

i agree with u Mr Smith bt if there r no baboons in the mountains u wont find them.jus be open no secrets love to the fullest you will enjoy

15 Jan 2016 21:43

ya this is good,love!!! were there is no love there is no life,so forgive one one anathet wen there is a prblm

29 Jan 2016 12:27

Love liken to wine,mature with age-You need proper regulation and fermentation to guarantee portended quality and intoxication,value.Have time to blend...sharing ideas on monentary issues and never keep domestic secrets but try to resolve matters in a proper way amicably.Never rely on extra parties as confidants as many tend to be devicive.

29 Jan 2016 16:58

To luv is to trust without doubt who to be trust nd luv if u can't be trusted u can't be loved life is simple pple complicate it the most important thing to know is if u can't love yoself u can't love another person if u can't trust yoself u can't trust another there is the big problem with people coz u cheating u most likely to think u bn cheated coz u hve no affection u most likely to assume yo spouse has no affection fr you a thief ds not like to see another thief with a full bag