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13 Dec 2015 17:24

due 2 increasin technology
writing a letter ll be absurd
bt did u ever recieve a luv

if so wat ws yo feeling afta
receiving ur first letter frm
yo first luver
reactions n gestures

lets be frank tel us guyz

17 Dec 2015 17:23

for love

22 Dec 2015 18:47

love letters are so romantic because you will be pouring your heart to paper and you can perfume it as well and it can last forever

6 Jan 2016 05:59

Guys honestly hve never received 1

26 Jan 2016 15:19

l first received a love letter from a girl whilst in class doing grade 7. By that time l was afraid of girls and my father. I showed my friend and he laughed so l did hide my letter in my book then read it at night then come tomorrow morning l was very shy to face the girl.

26 Jan 2016 23:11


26 Jan 2016 23:17

I agree with u charman unonzwa mufaro wakanyanyisa zvekuti unokanganwa nhamo dzese thats wy vamwe vachidyiwa pay yese ne 1dy yaashandira mwedzi wese during excise