Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Is It Possible To Fall In Love And Stay In Love Forever With One Person?
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24 Nov 2015 20:03

Is It Possible To Fall In Love And Stay In Love Forever With One Person?

27 Nov 2015 15:13

Yes its possible

29 Nov 2015 07:06

Its not

29 Nov 2015 08:42

its very possible. True Love is whereby your Love faces all typs of challenges but at th end of th day you still love that person. Your partner leaves you for someone else, you are abused emotionally even physical and you are really hurt. He or she later realises their mistake and apologise.If you forgive and accept your partner back, thats TRUE LOVE. It will hve stood Test of Tyms.Instead of being killed by those tests, it comes out stronger. It will obviously hv a happy and satisfying ending. UNENGE WARWA UKAKUNDA.

30 Nov 2015 06:11

I really agree with teki 100% true love needs hope ,faith,trust especially faithfulness it doesn't needs cheaters it hurts

30 Nov 2015 22:19

True love is there and exits,its only that we have become materialistic and expect so much from love,without working for it to work. Love is a good thing if we deal with our past and our unfinished relationship then we move on. Any relationship will never work if you cheat and you are not honest. Let's not go for looks and beauty let's go for real love,true love will come but we have a problem of rushing it then we run around saying true love is not there. Its very possible to love one person forever if we are very truthful and honest,let love lead the way not lust and infatuation

1 Dec 2015 21:26

Hell to th no it aint even posible th chances ar very slim indeed ... A nidle in a haystack

4 Dec 2015 05:55

its very difficult

5 Dec 2015 18:28

True Love can stand all weather. its unconditional and it never dies. with all th bruises it still survives.

6 Dec 2015 08:39

the bibles does not give room for divorce if u married to some you suppose to love tht person til the end so i believe when god created us he so tht it was possible for pple to stay together till the end so u can live with the one you love forever

23 Dec 2015 12:16

Quote by Xavier21
its very difficult

23 Dec 2015 12:19

Quote by Xavier21
its very difficult

Yes its difficult coz Love has its own share of challenges but its very possible to overcome those challenges and remain in LOVE.