Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - How important is your phone?
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29 Sep 2015 18:18

Most people have phones and are registered to different social networks.

My questions are:-

1. Can you share your passwords
with your spouse?

2. Why is people always panic if they

4 Oct 2015 22:52

Yes I can share my password with my girl I have nothing to hide but just remember the phone is not the one that cheats anyone can cheat and do many things without using the phone. Honesty always saves the day

5 Oct 2015 12:12

My phone is my best and my true friend. Is the one who knows my secrets at large. When am happy my phone knows.not happy she knows,in pain she knows ,when am stressed and crying she knows.

9 Oct 2015 18:22

Am addicted to it,my heart skip a bit when i left t at hom

19 Oct 2015 02:36

Addicted to my phone....can't do without it ....

20 Oct 2015 08:08

My phone 📱 is there only thing that I can command & get feedback immediately. Sometimes I express my joy 😂 to others through it. It feels great to carry it around & share anything on social networks

31 Oct 2015 20:24
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