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29 Sep 2015 15:16

The issue of the day of worship needs clarity. Which day is the proper day to worship God and if a specific day is the only day to worship God, then all other days are not proper worship days. What does the bible say?

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2 Oct 2015 07:00

Its simple if u read the bible sayz he rested on e seventday, it all comes out clear at e crucification, he died at the sixth hr wen sabath was abt to begin,and he rose on e 1st day of e week ,

2 Oct 2015 17:37

How many sabaths do we have in the bible and how many of them do we observe?

2 Oct 2015 17:51

The seventh day is the sabath keep it holy. So if I sin on all other days but manage to keep Saturday holy I will be alright?
You body is God's temple and you rentire life is the sabath

2 Oct 2015 19:13

Only one sabath

3 Oct 2015 10:57

The issue of the sabath is a delicate issue, those who worship on Saturday say that worshipping on Sunday ithose may ask, where in the bible was it specified that Saturday was the last day of the week? The bible mention these days as the first day of the week the second day, the third day and so on how then do we know that Saturday is the sabath and seventh day of the week. We must not rely upon the modern calendar, times have changed since creation there have been many calendars. The lunar calendar which states that the new moon is the start of every month. The Egyptian and the French calendar which has a 10 day week. The Roman or Julian calendar. The Gregorian calendar, maybe someone out there can add to the list, but all those calendars vary in the way they measure time. On creation time many of those calendars did not exist. Only one existed, the lunar calendar. It remained with the Israelites for some time, Palms 104 v19 He appointed /created the moon for seasons. So this calendar give us the proper measure of time thus it gives us the day of the real sabath. If you count starting on the day of the new moon the seventh day is the sabath and from one sabath to the next count six days the seventh day is the sabath. You will find that the seventh day is not Saturday, Monday or If the new moon is on Tuesday the seventh day is on Monday.
Worrying about the seventh day what about the other sabaths, the sabath of the seventh year, the sabath of the jubilee, the sabath of the new moon. Find about them in Leviticus 25 Why do you observe only the seventh day of the week but disregarding all other sabaths
What does the bible say?
Read colossians 2 v16

5 Oct 2015 16:24

Someone deliberately changed the laws and times, God's seventh day is Saturday, that is the Holy Sabbath

8 Oct 2015 06:50

mark 16 v 1 clearly says wen the sabath was over ,on the first day of the week mary magadalane and the other mary prepared to go to the tomb ,,,,,,,, so here it? Becomes clear that wen the sabath passes the following day becomes the first day of the week

8 Oct 2015 09:22
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9 Oct 2015 11:02

Who knows which day is the first day of the week and which is the last. The bible does not say Saturday or Sunday. Give me a biblical verse. I agree Jesus came and abolished the worship of days

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11 Oct 2015 22:09

Im quit sure the sabath day is not a day of worship bt rest. And people mustnt consider themself holly when they pray on a saturday

12 Oct 2015 10:18
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18 Oct 2015 04:47

Quote by Munya38
Im quit sure the sabath day is not a day of worship bt rest. And people mustnt consider themself holly when they pray on a saturday

Why Saturday? The bible does not have the name of a day of the week

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18 Oct 2015 10:35

Its not a point of who is holly and who is not , wen jeses came he didnt abolish e worship days he abolished that law that says wen u sin u go w lamp and confess yo sins and that is slotrd as saccfrice y did he abolishd that bcz he replaced the that w himself

22 Oct 2015 14:23

culturally we do hv chisi as our sabath and this doesnt translate to say all all traditional practices and worshiping has to be done nezuva rechisi. lets not confuse ourselves.

18 Dec 2015 11:36

@bwaibwai if Christians are able to determine that Sunday was the day Jesus rose from the grave...what should make it difficult to know which day is Sabbath. Go to Israel today the Jews have maintained the same day of worship Saturday since creation.

19 Dec 2015 12:06

I think we do confuse ourselves about the day of worship the 6th/7th. We're suppose to worship everyday then the 6th/7th day (he rested) will be our day to give thanks to whatever he would have done for us. A day of no requests/asking this and that from God but praise.

29 Jan 2016 22:24

Shine yo light show yo glory remember the sabbath and keep it holy people u are black people u say Saturday others Sunday do u hear yoselves God is worshipped everyday of the week but u should rest one day rest not in worship but rest from work as respect fr the fact that God even with all His might rested Saturday from the Roman times is a day reserved fr Saturn Sunday fr the sun Monday fr the moon Thursday fr Thor all of these are Roman gods u must hve one God yet u follow pple who had many pagan gods chisi hachiyere musi wacharimwa muri vanhu vatema nzwisisai izvozvo Mwari ngaarumbidzwe mazuva ose Asi zororai zuva rimwe pasvondo zvichienderana nedunhu ramunogara