Zimbabwe forum: Family & kids - The future of our kids
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27 Aug 2015 21:54

Our kids are a hard lot to master. Even under hash economic climate parents sacrifice to make sure they are provided with basic needs; health, education, food and proper accomodation but the kids do not take life seriously they take drugs indulge in sex orgies . Check the results: unwanted pregnancy criminals. What do they lack? Parental guidance? Spritual guidance? Inspiration or purpose of life?

9 Sep 2015 10:44

They must hv spritual guidence that they may hv light to see perpose of lyfe as for us parents will hv to teach our children real life not spoiling as we do these does.

29 Sep 2015 04:02

l think the topic needs to be viewed from all possible angles. We as parents might lack spiritual guidance but what about our constitution,policies as a nation,do they promote a morally upright child or its heading the nation into doldrums