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16 Aug 2015 18:32

Which is better: staying
in a relationship you
know has no future but
your significant other
makes you happy in the
moment or ending the
relationship that will
make you extremely
upset but you know it is the "right thing to do"
for your future?

19 Aug 2015 16:15

I think if u ae not happy with someone when u ae datin him or her:you probably wont be happy married to him or her:so breakin is de best though painful even for the person who initiated it

10 Sep 2015 10:36

Serious its better to part ways than to stay in a dead wood relationship.

19 Sep 2015 07:33

A relationship is good if it make you happy there is no way there can be any future in an unhappy relationship

29 Sep 2015 18:39

Future is the first thing 2 consider