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6 Aug 2015 04:50

There were 4 nuns in a monastery the 1st went to father n conféssed ''father i have sinned with my eyes i saw a man's male organ " father said '' oh that's bad don do it again now go n wash yo eyes in holy water . The 2nd came in " father i'm sori i sinned with my hand i touched a male organ forgive me '' n father said " oh that's bad , you are forgiven now go and wash your hands in holy water '' afta a while the father hears quarrelling by the holy water n goes there to check "wats happening here '' 3rd nun says '' it's her i want to gargle my mouth with holy water n i found her sitting in it washing her private parts '' father fainted

11 Aug 2015 22:42


17 Dec 2015 20:11

Kkkkkkk pakaipa

28 Jan 2016 09:46

Gikikikiii makaipa mudhara pakurai futi