Zimbabwe forum: Music - zim dancehall vs hip hop!!!
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2 Aug 2015 01:50

the dance iz takin over frm hop especially these days when jobs are scarce such dat de getto youts find their way in entertaining the pple
however the iz much criticism from hip hop who acuse dem of poor materials which cn nt make it international or nt showing maturity
so iz it fair to acuse dancehall guyz fo such acussations or we hev to understand that its their tym to shine?
If we sing here ,we sing fo zimbabweans so iz ther any problem when they failed on global market when it is weel for us?
When zim artist tours around the globe what r the targeted audiances .....fellow zimbos or outside community
hwever hip hop seems as if they produce finer music bt failed to mak an impact on the local market

lets do rough check
dance or hop
you go fo wat??

6 Aug 2015 03:57

hip hop kwakuseri

6 Aug 2015 10:42


6 Aug 2015 18:00

Hip hop

6 Aug 2015 21:08

haa Zim dancehall iz destroyin young pipo

6 Aug 2015 22:29

Zim dancehall to the world

7 Aug 2015 10:57

iz it twue dat dancehall iz killin de yuths especially wen cums to our customs n morals? I dunno im askng

8 Aug 2015 09:52

dancehall kumberi sezuva renyaradzo mafia

9 Aug 2015 00:31

Zim Dancehall kwakumberi

10 Aug 2015 01:54


11 Sep 2015 23:11


12 Sep 2015 16:45

zim dancehall kuseri kwekuseri....proudly to be a Zimbabwean

13 Sep 2015 00:04

Ndozvo zimdance

14 Sep 2015 17:07

hop wl nvr die...jus gvn dancehall sm space...buh i knw its stl on e lead...zim hipop alwys on top

19 Sep 2015 00:40

Zimdancehall zvazvinhu

16 Oct 2015 21:46

Hip,hip hooray hey its da bomb