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16 Jul 2015 00:06

What are some of the
things that you have
learnt from Married
Again so far???

16 Jul 2015 00:24

You just have to be
happy with what you
have, be proud of it,
and try to make the
most out of it.

16 Jul 2015 00:26

Life is never going to be
all roses. You WILL have
very challenging and
difficult times! Pray to
have the strength to
endure. Our trials
provide massive
lessons for growth so
don't pray for none.
Some of these trials
are really just big
blessings in disguise.

16 Jul 2015 00:28

Sometimes you have
to give up on people.
Everyone that is in your
journey is meant to be
in your journey, but not
everyone is meant to
stay there.

16 Jul 2015 00:29

To be relevant, you
must be either be
gainfully employed,
gainfully employable or
gainfully employing

16 Jul 2015 00:30

Never underestimate
yourself or your
abilities. Errors are
stepping stones that
will take you from
where you are to
where you want to be.

16 Jul 2015 00:31

If something is wrong,
fix it if you can. But
train yourself not to
worry because Worry
never fixes anything.

16 Jul 2015 00:33

Never walk away from
failure. On the contrary,
study it carefully and
imaginatively for its
hidden assets.

16 Jul 2015 00:34

The most important
thing is never be afraid
to take a chance.
Always remember the
greatest failure is not
having the will to try.
Don't quit before the

20 Jul 2015 10:32

Lyf z a bit complicated bcz in lyf ey are mor question's dan answer's

22 Jul 2015 11:44

Am not yet mared so i kant ansa but if i eva get mared i wil kam bak n ansa plzz

25 Jul 2015 04:55

It is the choices that we make today that determines what we become tomorrow, and true....there is an open door of great value and opportunity in every failure or setback.