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14 Jul 2015 19:23

Thief on the Cross: What
Happened to Him?

16 Jul 2015 01:01

Many people mistakenly
assume that the thief who was crucified next to Jesus Christ was “saved” and went immediately to heaven
when he died, since Christ had told him in Luke 23:43:
“Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

16 Jul 2015 01:12

Consider the context

One of the principles of
studying the Bible is to read a verse in its context and then in the broader context
of the entire Bible.

Therefore, the meaning of this verse must agree with John 3:13, which states that
no one (except for Christ) has ascended into heaven.

We also read that “the
Scripture cannot be
broken” (John 10:35).
Whenever there is an
apparent contradiction in Scripture, more study is needed to be sure we
correctly understand any unclear passages.

So first, we need to look at the context in which Christ made this statement to the
thief on the cross. He was replying to the thief’s plea,

“Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom” (Luke 23:42).

Obviously, then, “Paradise” in verse 43 refers to the Kingdom of God. The broader context of the
Bible tells us that the
Kingdom refers to the rule of God’s government over the
entire earth, with Christ as its King. Who will enter that Kingdom?

The “sheep” of His
flock will inherit the Kingdom at the return of Christ (Matthew 25:31-34; Daniel
7:27). Human mortal beings cannot inherit that Kingdom—
one must be changed from flesh into spirit, which will occur at the resurrection of
the just (1 Corinthians

The resurrection of the just is the culmination of conversion. First, one has to repent of his or her evil deeds, be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy
Spirit (Acts 2:38-39; 8:14-17)

. Conversion as taught in the Bible does not occur instantaneously, and it is more than a simple “deathbed repentance.”

Even though the thief on the cross admitted to receiving the due reward for his deeds
(Luke 23:40-41), he did not have an opportunity to live a life of obedience to God,
which is all part of the
conversion process. The
thief merely made a positive comment about Jesus Christ;
and in return, Christ spoke comforting words to him
about his future in the
paradise of the Kingdom of

18 Jul 2015 20:27
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20 Jul 2015 13:14

He begged for mercy from Jesus and he was told that he see the Heavens.

22 Jul 2015 11:42

U pipo weit 4 sande n prich 2 us not 2dei,okei?
Or go ask the thif i was not thea

23 Jul 2015 11:33

there z a great difference btwn paradaise n heaven.paradaise i where rightous souls wait untl e judgement day

29 Jul 2015 20:06

the bible is silent about the isue wether that thief went heaven the same day,,,anyone who wants add more that isue is in danger of missinterpriting the bible,,,,coz people like moses ,,elijah,,,enock wento heaven what is imposible with this theif if Jesus said they will be togather

30 Jul 2015 22:32

No the verse says.i tell you today,i will be with you in paradise.the thief doesn't go to heaven from the cross.but what Jesus was saying is this...i tell you these words today.i will be with you in paradaise is another phase.thats why there is a comma between today and i will.

31 Jul 2015 00:16

The thief on the cross was appointed his place according to the faith He exibited towards JESUS CHRIST THE KING OF THE JEWS...infact HE did perform when some-one had His daughter dead.The t hief showed contriction and was was saved not because He was just saved but because He had already repented as from what my beloved neighbours stress.HE beseeched Christ and was made a promise..."This day".....and not"Now"