Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Is Social Networking Destroying Marriages?
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13 Jul 2015 14:21

Is Social Networking
Destroying Marriages?

Does the use of social media weaken marriages?

14 Jul 2015 22:18


14 Jul 2015 23:17

Trust in your marriage is bigger than any social
network’s grip. Social networks can be an
intimidating presence if there are already issues in your marriage.

14 Jul 2015 23:47

yu will be in the game hope faith and trust in marriage kills everything

15 Jul 2015 00:36

Yes it is

15 Jul 2015 06:40

If a person won’t share their password with their spouse then it’s a

The idea is that if a
person was withholding
passwords it was because there’s something to hide.

15 Jul 2015 06:41

Social networking does pose problems. It may open up temptations, which otherwise may have not been so easily
accessible without having a profile.

15 Jul 2015 06:48

Picking at the
relationship is often a
precursor to things falling apart, and if the other person is not doing anything wrong it can be even more
destructive. Regardless of whether you
believe sites like Facebook are destructive to marriage, the more important question
is how much you trust your partner. A healthy marriage is nearly impossible without
the bedrock of trust. With that being said, it may be wise to spend more time trusting your spouse to respect you and your marriage than attempting to control what they do with
their personal time, on or off the internet.

16 Jul 2015 23:41


18 Jul 2015 07:11

When Watsap was introduced here in Zim many marriages dissolved,smtymz i thnk the letter writting was better thn this new 21st century communicatioh technic

18 Jul 2015 07:15

The abuse on social netwrk causes all tht.

21 Jul 2015 05:36

The problem is not the social networks, e person is the problem depends on how you use the Social Network

21 Jul 2015 05:37

Kkkkk rily

29 Jul 2015 09:32


29 Jul 2015 09:35

if you are a fool obvious it can destroy your marriage

30 Jul 2015 12:29

Social n/work there's nothing rong with it.some we learn a lot,uma uthanda izinto uzabona angani ayilunganga.

1 Aug 2015 16:45

we venture into these social networks for various reasons ,others business ,others marriage,others love,intimacy and friendship. It is my profound advice for married people not to join the network for reasons other than business because it is really detrimental to their marriages. Also there must be transparency in every activity ,no hidden passwords fair deal

5 Aug 2015 06:26

no it doesnt kill marriages but it enhance its survival. the verge of collapse is rooted on trust

6 Aug 2015 12:31

It does not destroy marriages bt its that nthing chakaipa has a way of coming out,all it calls for is both individuals to satisfied(KUGUTSIKANA nezvaunazvo)stop abusing social network !!!!