Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - What is more important: love or money?
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13 Jul 2015 14:15

What do you think is more important,
money or love?

On one hand, money gives more opportunities in life as
well as stability (and a
heightened chance in meeting your love given the option to travel is easier, assuming
you mean the romantic kind of love). Plus it allows you to give a comfortable life for
family (and other loved ones) especially when they end up in a condition that leaves
them too frail to fend for themselves.

But if you mean choosing between having a lonely sad
life with loads money or a life full of love without much money, I'd definitely choose
love. By love I mean
encompassing familial love, friendship and romantic. While
I do know that if the money situation is so bad, it'll be extremely difficult to live... I
still cannot imagine wanting to live life in the 1st place
without love.

Money is seen as a source of convenience & sustenance to
me, while love is utmost priority. Though in both situations, I think that opportunities for both will present itself in one way or
another. It depends on
whether you take it.

14 Jul 2015 10:38

love is more important

15 Jul 2015 14:26

I'll have to say both of them are equally important.money for comfort and survival and love for happiness and reliance.it's a matter of emotional well being and state of mind of s person

26 Jul 2015 02:55


26 Jul 2015 05:30

yes money z important bt i think love z more important thn everything