Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Why do women always claim they have been used ad dumped once a guy leaves them?
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3 Jun 2015 00:57

Its so common for a women to make such comments whenever a guy decide to end an affair with them. "you think you can use me and dump me" he used me and dumped me"?

What do they really mean by "use and dump me"?

Is it that the guy had sex and left her?

If yes, didnt she enjoy sex too?

Is it only man that enjoys sex?

If its because of it, l dont think its right to claim that a guy used and dumped you. More so, the girl enjoys lots of money, outings, clothes including sex while the relationship lasted so wiy cry foul?

I hevent heard a guy claiming to have been used and dumped only women say that.

Girls what do you mean by being used and dumped?

Guys has a girl ever told you that you used and dumped her?

9 Jun 2015 10:08

It's annoying when some ladies use such words. A man looking to commit will
want to see ample signs of honesty,integrity,
fitness, wholesome values
and NOT--sluttiness, and other character traits.

The sad truth is that the vast majority of Zimbabwean
women are simply unworthy
of commitment.They are
washed up party girls, who
spent their attractive years
drinking and sleeping with
every good looking
men that hit on
her.When she realizes her
looks are starting to
fade,only then does she
start looking for a sucker to rope into commitment.By then
she is nearly worthless as a wife and mother.

If you ain't got good
qualities,you should be
expecting to get
humped,pumped and dumped nearly every time...

9 Jun 2015 19:48

If a girl is hardworking, no guy will ever lie just to get into her pant.
Only lazy girls who depend solely on the guy money, would cry foul later on.