Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - How easy is it to let go?
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2 Jun 2015 04:02

1. Can you easily let go the one you love without holding on?

2. What can you do to make them come back into your life.

3. Will you ever regret ever meeting with them?

2 Jun 2015 20:30

well its nt easy to let go and once sm1 no longer loves there is nothing u cn do.myself if i no longer love there is nothing that can mk me cm bck.at tyms you will wish we never met bcoz of the things we incounter in the relationship.

2 Jun 2015 20:40
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2 Jun 2015 23:14

Its not easy for sure just to let go especially when u really were inlove. But life still goes on.

11 Jun 2015 23:14

Have YOU Made These
Mistakes After Your
Relationship Break Up?

Months, or even years
after a relationship
break up, we will fully
realize the fatal mistakes we
made right after it happened. Especially the panic controlled actions that made us appear as a different person – often we don’t
recognize ourselves any

It can bring out the worst in us.

It usually happens that we hate ourselves later for the things we’ve done. This is
understandable, but the
wrong thing to do. Not only does it damage our self-esteem, which is urgently needed for the recovery, (what’s left of it), but it also
destroys the new concept of self-love we are trying to build up.

Avoid these feelings by
telling yourself that the past is the past, and concentrate on the NOW.

There is a famous quote where it says that one should learn from the mistakes OTHERS make and
thereby avoid them.
On the other hand:
“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

I believe that there are
two kinds of mistakes:
the kind that you can
learn and evolve from,
and the kind that should be avoided .

When it comes to post
relationship break up
mistakes, there are some awhich better be avoided.

11 Jun 2015 23:28

The main mistakes most people
make right AFTER a
relationship break up:

Mistake #1: Panic
Controlled Actions
Confronted by what we think is the worst that can happen to us, we do anything to fight
it off: we plead, we beg, cry in front of our Exes, harass,
stalk, write e-mails, sms, etc.
All these things will
make you cringe when
you later think about it.

I think that almost every “Dumpee” makes these mistakes – I don’t think that
they are completely
avoidable. These are
desperate actions by our “animal” part of the brain, fighting for survival.

The sad thing is that
they are completely
useless . I’ve never heard that a “Dumper” came back after the “Dumpee” wrote
them a gazillion e-mails
begging to have mercy.
If you’ve made these
mistakes, don’t beat yourself
up over them. If you’re about to commit them, try to resist.

11 Jun 2015 23:32

Mistake #2:

Reassuring Love We are committed to thinking
that if they only KNEW how much we loved them, they would come back immediately,
so we keep telling them – over and over again.

The only problem is,
they KNOW. They’re
breaking up anyway.
Breakups happen rarely
because the “Dumper” thinks that they are not being loved.

Constant reassurance
only leads to humiliation.

11 Jun 2015 23:36

Mistake #3:

Hoping To Stay Friends
This is a very common
mistake that is often made by
those having little
experience with relationship
break ups.

I know that your Ex was your best friend, your intimate partner, the closest
person to you. But it is
impossible to maintain this kind of relationship AFTER the breakup.

Everything has
changed – nothing is as it was before.
You can’t count on your Ex any longer, because they will harm you more than they
would help.

The good news is, you CAN find another support system:
Look for old friends who used to be close. Your family should also be of great help.
Use every connection you have for support – you need it.
Mistake #3 leads us directly to the next one.

11 Jun 2015 23:39

Mistake #4:

Maintaining Contact
The no-contact rule is the number one precondition IF
you want to get over your relationship break up fast.

Look at it like a drug addict: you can’t get clean with YOUR drug right in front of

11 Jun 2015 23:41

Mistake #5:

Use Your Exes Friends And Family Out of the ambition to make
sense out of all of it, we use their friends or their family. We interview, manipulate and try to use them for our purposes.

Besides the fact that they rarely know anything about the deeper reasons, it really
is inappropriate to involve a third person in your breakup. This is something that’s between you and your

If you do this, you will regret it later.

11 Jun 2015 23:45

Mistake #6:

Rebound Relationships
Many people leapfrog into a
new affair right after their
relationship breaks up.

I absolutely do not
recommend that.

It may appear that this is the best thing to do in order to get over your Ex but, believe me, the opposite is the case.

You will be constantly
comparing to your Ex,
everything will remind you of them and you will be frustrated, because NOBODY
is as good as your Ex. (This is an illusion of course).

It will throw you back and it will mask your pain, hiding you from the issues your
breakup needs to resolve.

Don’t deny yourself the
opportunity to work these things out. If you do, you have to face that problem
again and again, from
relationship to relationship.

For many people, healing will not start until they are alone
with themselves, confronting their inner demons.

11 Jun 2015 23:49

These are the main
mistakes most people
make right AFTER their
relationship breaks up.

Please don’t beat yourself up if you’ve already made
some of them. Even if they should be avoided, some of these mistakes are part of
the healing and learning

So even IF you will look back month/years later and regret a few things you’ve done,
they might have been
necessary to get you to the point you are today.

27 Mar 2016 10:06

its really hard to let go especially if you trully love that someone but then its also useless to hold on if he himself already have let go off my hands... true love is letting go to make your love one happier..its really hard but thats the best way t do...we cant keep someone whom not ours anymore.