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30 May 2015 12:14

What do you think is the most important political issue at the moment?

11 May 2016 09:41

The main issue is- cograssroot correction to the LAND APPORTION ACT AND MINE ACT,as I intimate,provisions designed to allienate Nationalisation of Traditional Concerns striving the Locals of potential OWNERSHIP AND REVENUE.

12 May 2016 07:31

Quote by EnockSigauke.
The main issue is- cograssroot correction to the LAND APPORTION ACT AND MINE ACT,as I intimate,provisions designed to allienate Nationalisation of Traditional Concerns striving the Locals of potential OWNERSHIP AND REVENUE.

12 May 2016 07:59

I shall always propose a 10%royality be assigned to the Ownership Trust Fund -in areas where there are Economic activities and this must be tendered to the Chief or to whom He assigned as,should be done through The Resettlement process.This I invision is the restoration of the lost identity-Land distribution and Economic potential into the hands of Traditional Leadership,

15 Jun 2016 16:13

The main bearing political issue land andnatural-resources .Predominately we have implementation of the Resetlement Scheme and,the 10percent Ownerhip Trust Fund.Many if not all Governments a nd,Peoples have excitetly embraced Colonial Policies wereby beneficies are the victims of nationalization of the two key political factors.I try to understand efforts Government does exert in providing parcels of land and,mining claims.But I fail to und erstand why Government does not carry out auits and,in case of authenity task Chiefs in the resettlement of their displaced people back onto their original homes-land wrenched and,authourity undermined from an active jurisdication of land distribution and handling the 10%Royality.It must never be the duty of Government to distribute land,mining claims to obscured individual in the name of emancipation of a people...since colonialism used the same methods to build Nations at the expense of of Locals.The 10%is not benefiting our local owners-the original people from where exploitation of minerals and as such that provide the bulk of national net economic worth-since endowment is seen in that light,and so is economic participation politically correct and defined.I believe You will like my effort-A contrasting thrust to neo-colonial ventures.All went well in enjoying my history test-book understanðably

19 Jun 2016 00:52

In printing bond notes it must be observed that we still have onus-coins dated from 2001 upwards.Notes Officially printed in 2007 and Officially used for a few months till relief by the obscured bearer cheque and that was in 2009 -then we were introduced to the US$.I believe currency value is the sustaining economy an.Since it is the Authorities who gave leadership to the effect of demonentarisation of our currency.Legal wisdom must be called upon to instruct the Authorities not to force poverty down a people through printing and blocking transit transaction using ear ned revenue as a means of legal disposal of saved capital advantage.The Patriots do deserve their day.

29 Jun 2016 02:37

I think of moral alignment is very much needed in our persuits of for political relevency and,adoption of reforms that are sustainable to a liberated people-a people who has been fighting institutional colonisation since the Prophecised entry of the Sir Cecil John Rhodes led Pioneer Column...and,compulsory colonisation-nationalisation of Human;Mineral and Land.This was supported and articulated by the Constitution and Laws -that alienated State Proprietory over Traditional Proprietory of of the three main political issues,backbone of the economy.So the main issue is decolonisation-a return to Traditional Proprie tory.We need an active Chief's Council to guide and inform our National Leaders on Cultural and Traditional matters.

1 Jul 2016 12:14

The most imported political issue at the moment is as I have always stressed-policy shift from colonial clutches.Policies that undermine basic human rights-such as a right to be informed and represent Your own opinion.Say presently we a saddled by a cash crisis,an event that has proven to be untamemable and stubborn enough to call upon men and women to resort to drafting foreign aid in the form of cash injections ,with the gross aim of containing this daring epidermic,but I do wander when I have to think that we have cash in the form of our own local currency...cash earned and prematu rally terminated from circulation.A window period is a wonder,more apt for our cash strapped but monied citizenry.

12 Nov 2016 17:01

What is needed is to know the leitimacy of labour,and wages in face of the hushed introduction of the surrogate bond notes-Z$ in themselves hence no other Nation besides Zimbabwe shall ever lay claim to them.Why the Cou rt averred to award a Citizen with a mulfunctioning currency,and the next day shooting down opposition to the introduction of the said surrogate Bond Notes.I am of the opinion that the Courts are in arrear in reading to the General populance provisions that safeguard the existing economic ,and political provisions when,and when a correspondance levels an opposing challenge invalidating the precedent of a veiled predessor,such is the monetori sed surrogate currency-whose legality has lived to out weigh the legality of a currency that assume to have attained e xtinction...regardless of the Courts of the Land having rewarded deserving Citizens not the US$,but Z$.I believed the Learned Judge passed judgement with a sense of wisdom-but alas the damage done to the livelihood of the responded,HE/HER who was awarded Z$s to atone for their labour disputes :Myself who has to outlive memories of a substantial amount,now lying dormant on my lap as I have to start all-over again in face of mounting domestic responsibility irked by being driven into poverty by inconsistent illegalities embracing our Courts,and our Nationalistic policy ma kers.I know their is a legal framework,but all is left for the moths to chew ,and let fiscal sanity rot away in the hase of impending socio eco political challenges.And what need to be done is to mitigate the money-law currently in place,setting up of working provisions that lay the grounds for declaring a legal tender redardant,and in such event what amount to printing a replacement tender.Working to contain the wage gap.The extravagant allowances,Subsidizing petrol ,diesel,diesel and oil in particular-are measures that will anchor th

18 Mar 2017 00:24

What is needed is moral allignment with the constitution,and Law to neccesitate creation of a Law abiding citizenry

22 Apr 2017 06:20

Mind-It is not healthy to have the 10% deposited into the Ownership Trust Fund,used by Goverment to develop infrastructure to develop road or any other relative infrastructure...since it is money held in trust for the disposal to the relevent beneficiaries...Government is only there to play a middle role,betwee the traditional owners,and external concerns-thus Government has an obligation ,as a contracting agent,to fund-using it's own benefits to develop infrastructure.History reflects that such tendencies...abadonment of relevent communities...as neo-colonialism given the status of an independent state.National benefication only occur when decolonisation take centre-stage,and this is only positioned when relevent communities has access to their 10%Royality.

16 May 2017 18:23

I think the most important political issue is application of the 1979 Land Resettlement Lancaster road map-since it was purposed to reempower the one displaced prior to the defeat of the exponents of the first-chimurenga-...whose initiative was to resist nationalisation of their ancestoral land,and natural resources-ironically,whose defeat culminated with the creation of the marginalising Land Apportion Act,and The Mine Act-Laws that butressed the state government as the overall owner,and proprietory exponent-to means of wealth creation...and thus fuelling an exodus to the currently saturated city,.I believe the application of the Lancaster provision-chartered with the inclusion of Britain,the colonial power-addresses the complexities of national distribution of means of wealth...in as much as it is meant-if proper audit channels are applied-return to the Locals what was looted from them,Ownership to their ancestoral land,and royality in mineral,natural resource earnings.This will empower the locals enough to see them excaping the margins set by settler colonisation;were we see locals engaged as menial labourers to the gross,devoid of traditional preoccupation.Once a settlement is made,and government fulfill obligations I have mentioned...we will be on the brink of decolonisation embarking on the journey to localising means of wealth,and thus the economy.Thank You again-for affording me space for my consuming bull-run.How...err,..err,is the combative Lady?.