Zimbabwe forum: Politics - ?.What do you think of politics?
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30 May 2015 12:13

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘politics’?

30 Jan 2016 10:54

Politics is a dirty game I prefer to call it politricks very few if any politicians are clean they somehow manage to get dirty either by bn corrupt or by corrupting others

26 Mar 2016 07:23

I will venture further basing mydefence of politics.What is Pol itical issue on our Planet?The birth of our political awakening is but,recorded as emananting from the annihiliation of all tribal based conflicts-annihiliation of complete tribes and setting up of realms /Chieftaincys/Dynasties-by the Sir Cecil John Rhodes led Pioneer Column...consisting of the British South Company, owned by former and British South Africa Police,the current ZRP,and following victory of the Ndebeles-whence the former Sir had the second heir apparent Ndebele King sign and the ultimate creation of the Rhodesia-Charted the LAND APORTION ACT AND MINE ACT these provisions emp owered their vanguard,Government to oversee the administrative duties as hence arm twisted through the signingmanagement of the two.I know that adminisrator GoZw.has an obli gation to pend 10%Royality obligation to all like The Marange and Chiyadzwa Comms.the Ownership Fund to realise the endowment much aclaimed is just to the indenous People thus concluding the and justifying the Revolutionary benefit it attach to the People.thankyou.

27 Mar 2016 23:53

I am let down by my Friend MoboFree on the need to have a standard Edit function-it pain to produce sub standard thesises because I do-not have the capacity to revise(edit)my contribution,as is evident in my posts.Well it is administrative politics-as goes with Nationalist,Business and Domestic Politics.Whence we deliberate on a ratio between two or more points.My pereptions of Politics-Woe huggle and win over support.

16 May 2016 03:18

Politics is the re-establishment and emancipation of colonised institutions ie.distribution of land and economic inclusion of Traditional Custodionship in the resettlement of the displaced and economic guaranteership in instances where we have economic ventures where relocation or displacement is or was undertaken paving way for colonisation through compulsorated statutory nationalisation of such native concerns.