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20 May 2015 13:21

Assuming a robber come to your house
and after robbing you one of them gave
you a gun to shoot and kill your wife
else he will kill u. Suddenly you go on
your knees pleading saying "I cnt do
that sir becoz I love her wholeheartedly. Then the angry robber collected the gun
and gave it to your wife and quickly she
collected the gun and pointed at you
and pulled the trigger. fortunately there
was no bullet in the gun and the robber
collected the gun, laughed and left . Friends be honest after this encounter
what will you do if this woman is your

21 May 2015 11:00

Move on coz she does not love u soon or later she will kill u

21 May 2015 12:58
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21 May 2015 13:36
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21 May 2015 21:57

Haaaa no second thought apa I just move on and leave her

22 May 2015 20:44

Kana ainditapirira ndomupa a 2nd chance

22 May 2015 22:29

munhu anovhaya fasta fasta n muv wit mi life

22 May 2015 22:56

Ini handione pane chekusiira mukadzi apa coz haana kundotsvaga chombo kuti andiuraye but she was under command. Haangabvume kufa nekuti iwe wati haugone kumuuraya nekuti unomuda. Ko dei maiva nemaBullets thn oitawo sewe kuti anokuda manje haagone kukuuraya thn votora vopfura iye iwe wosara unobva wati kudii ipapo

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23 May 2015 02:44


23 May 2015 02:46

why just be realistick hanti

28 May 2015 11:03

Anotovhaya coz anenge asina rudo

2 Jun 2015 14:43
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29 Jan 2016 21:06

It's life such a scenario would Nvr happen but let's say it did this is the point u realize if u really loved her honestly she is a woman understand that if u were brave enough not to shoot her which I doubt many would do if she pulled the trigger it ds not signify lack of love on her part but failure to forgive her would really show lack of luv on yo part if u truly loved this person u would understand the circumstance love is not shown by yo willingness to die fr yo partner but it is shown most by yo ability to forgive the bible says only infidelity in a marriage is unforgivable hence if u loved her truly u would forgive her

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29 Jan 2016 21:12

That night after the robbers are gone use yo God given gun to kill her softly with utmost pleasure shoot yo seed into her nd name the child after its born Rudo