Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - how will u feel if someone ya love soo much,later he or she unfriend you from list ? ♥
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25 Apr 2015 03:08

What will be reply .? Will u feel sad or guilty ?

29 Apr 2015 03:37
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29 Apr 2015 07:55
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29 Apr 2015 09:21

I move on

29 Apr 2015 09:28

Quote by K09
I move on

sure life moves on but never a straight line humans anever perfect

29 Apr 2015 16:31

Be man enough to move on

30 Apr 2015 07:02

Takatozvijairira izvo I was bloked by asking about kids so munhu anofunga zvaanofunga kana kungodhinhiwa newe But life gors on and on

30 Apr 2015 18:09


30 Apr 2015 20:40

Hupenyu inhava yebenzi hune zvese

2 May 2015 07:02

let it go.

4 May 2015 09:34

Zvinoitika but unenge wakutofanirwa kuronga ramangwana. Jus kip on moving coz kunenge kusiri kupera kweupenyu

10 Jul 2015 00:31

Guilty.If I have to keep on wal king and pretend that nothing has happened...guilty for not managing rec onciliatory obligations.

10 Jul 2015 00:38

Maybe the two where never meant for each other, so it was good to unfriend

15 Jul 2015 07:14

sad and guilty

15 Jul 2015 13:40

relieved, confused & sad

21 Jul 2015 00:50

I would be really annoyed at such an irresponsible attituðe especially online were I have found assylum and hope-fully assume I have found guara ntees in a friend-ship or mature love...and laugh at such sober hostility exhibit ed on Social-networkAnd worry if in the evnt that my trials at reconciliation are blocked and no efforts are made to mend ties from the othe corner.

25 Jul 2015 02:49

Really there are natural conditions attributed in the manufacturing of love and the same forces do split.Because we never had t o discuss many issues affecting us.

29 Jul 2015 09:28

I will forget abt it

6 Aug 2015 00:20

I know it would never be easy to to forget the harder You try the more humiliated and incest You a tormented.Say by walking on past the one You formally admired with- out a hallo...like You never knew each other before.

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13 Aug 2015 00:12

It is hard to assume that two people were never meant for one another...or that friends are nev er meant to part ways.Friends do part ways some-times because of trivialities such as assumed back bitting and pious allienation...sincereriated external influences -domestic or even the Church.Intrsions that normally does damage between two people...