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25 Mar 2014 15:16

Do you believe in LOVE at first sight?

29 Mar 2014 06:59


31 Mar 2014 21:52


2 Apr 2014 09:06

No, jus infatuation

3 Apr 2014 23:03

Nayshe why do u say its jus infatuation?

5 Apr 2014 00:20

Coz luv is grounded in deeper things than sight, that 1st sight gives a longin or stirin. In heart e find out more abt a person then that turns outt 2 be infatuation which in soome cases develops into luv.........tho its nt a given that wen it 1st appeared it was luv.......point is, "all luv grew 4rm infatuation bt nt instantly"

5 Apr 2014 11:09

Partly i agree with u n partly i beg to differ ,coz tht first moment or glance u hv on tht person meks u fall for him/her n then it grows into love so to say it ws tht first sight tht made u fall in love@ Nayshe

13 Apr 2014 08:08

no, love at first sight is more of a mutual atraction

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20 Apr 2014 20:12

No its just a romantic coinage,in reality there is nothing like that...coz time makes and proves love.

12 Jun 2014 23:35

love at first sight is just lust.