Zimbabwe forum: Family & kids - when a son impragnants moms
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28 Mar 2015 06:05

ther iz this man with two wifes at first bt everything turn up side dwn after the death of the second wife
it was agreed by council of elders that the husband was to be rewarded with chimutsa mapfihwa
hwever the first wif ws nt happy with that so she decided to take her causin n give her to the husband kuty zvienderane ne uyo anga auya
the man didnt wnt children with this causin the idea wch angers vahosi
it ws wen the man went fo a 3mth surgion in south africa that vahosi decided to give her causin to her son kty aite mimba kozonzi ndeyababa
asked about that the son20 said i did it fo sure
the causin19 gives other side of the story saying due to health problems huby 68 iz no lnger satisfy my sexual desire
vahosi refussed to comment

these things r happenin in our society in our country . Sometyms we hear things lyk this or others bt my qn iz as zimbabweans wat r the morals of a human being and cn we do to put these things to an end
we cn nt ignore things lyk that fo the luv of our country

30 Mar 2015 14:58

atori ma1,coz in this country zvese zvese zvirikungoitika.it nw needs elders of this country to pass a strong sentence kt vanhu vatye.dai kwaive nevil forest ndokunofanira kuraramira vanhu vakadai vadzingwe mucommunity.

30 Mar 2015 15:03

This doesn't need elders bt God.The elders cnt do anything coz they r also involved in these shenanigans

3 Apr 2015 16:16

hapana nyaya

3 Apr 2015 18:47

it seems lyk that bt zvikazoitika kwauri kana to yo close ralative ndipo paunozwa kurwadza kwazvo