Zimbabwe forum: Celebrities, gossip - DOES SOCIAL MEDIA COZ RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS???
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27 Mar 2015 15:53

Does social media (Facebook, whatsapp)
cause problems in relationships? Others
think that social media doesn't cause
problems in a relationship; it brings to
light problems that already exist. What
do you think?

30 Mar 2015 15:39

Social media can be a blessing if used well but if not used well it can be a curse so you have to balance human interaction and social media if you are to be happy

31 Mar 2015 15:49

I think it brings light or lights up hidden things.if its used properly all wl be well .big up whatsapp a lot of skeletons hev bn discovered.Rine manyanga hariputirwe,even if pple dont c it God wl be watching.Those whose relationships get broken bcoz of the media its heir own kamma ,they deserve it.

1 Apr 2015 13:23

sme pipo are saying these platforms are killing or destroying marriages, especially whatsapp.

3 Apr 2015 15:11

it depends how u use social media.

3 Apr 2015 15:44

Its depends

3 Apr 2015 16:08

elaborate Sheila

3 Apr 2015 16:10

it is causing relationship probz, coz there er somethingz dat er nt suppozd to be knwn so that a relationship cn stay strong, remember not every lie is harmful..take for instance a woman who is having sex outside of marriage simply bcoz e husband cnt giv her children.. If the husband doesnot knw kuti thats wasup thy ll be happily married coz e husband doesnt knw he is baren..so thats a lie with a benefit ..but now those who dnt knw how to use ana watsapp ndo panozobatwa ma massage manje which will lead to divorce

3 Apr 2015 16:48

yaa greatly it does most marriages had been destroyed by these social media,we witnessed that

3 Apr 2015 17:04

social media is an eye opener you learn those hidden things wen it comes to relationship the user is to blame thank yosocial media is an eye opener you learn those hidden things wen it comes to relationship the user is to blame thank you

4 Apr 2015 09:09

guys a u sayng social media s wrng, ts jus exposng wats bn hapening in e dark.

4 Apr 2015 11:13

Zvakagara zviriko zvekuhura asi zvaiva nani, fbk/App zvakawedzera moto zvavanyore kuti mukadzi waunochiva utaure naye solong une contact rake/uchiziva zita rake. Kare zvaiva nani chose koz matips acho aiti netsei bt mazuwano zvavanyore chaizvo nekuda kwafbk/App. Asi hatingati fbk/App zvakauya kuparadza nekuti kubudikidza ndizvo zvinhu zviviri izvi vamwe vakawana mabasa vamwe vakawana varume/vakadzi so zvoenderana nemashandisiro ako iwe munhu nezvaunoda pakurarama kwako, doro haridhaki asina kurinwa.

4 Apr 2015 21:36

it depends

4 Apr 2015 22:02

social media is not wrong at all but it has brought more divorces than marriages.I have witnessed a lot of relationships crush because of it

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5 Apr 2015 04:43

It never depends on ths 1.Y on earth would sm1 gv dhewa vana va muenda mberi?Those kids wl always hev problems in their lives nekt anenge ari in the wrong placeThat is very wrong,.Kana pasina hapana .The truth wl always cm out.Chihure chakaipa be it on social media or what .

5 Apr 2015 06:19

Quote by Christmas_gift
it depends how u use social media.

5 Apr 2015 14:19

If u say it depends what do u mean? Thats not a complete anza

6 Apr 2015 22:29

Quote by drsimbi1
elaborate Sheila

9 Apr 2015 12:47

Social medea do not cause any problems to relationships to people who use it wisely. It only do so to slopy empty heads who have got nothing to do in their lives. Studious people benefit from it. To me it's the library facility that has been in most communities in the world. It's a blessing not a picnic ground.

9 Apr 2015 12:56

Truly in fmlys theyz no communication they are busy at social media this days