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16 Mar 2014 04:32

I am serching for true love.If theres someone who wishes to share his love someday.. Add me

17 Mar 2014 17:48

Hi Doreendb,i'd like to know,what is your concept of love-true love.??....i might have some to share,but i wanna be sure its the rite strain...

18 Mar 2014 07:36

ok can l add u

18 Mar 2014 12:55

if u feel u truely love me u can add me

18 Mar 2014 13:00

@Sharkey on my on view True love its like finding that special sme1,,that you can feel loved by or u can feel complete with..Even though he's not arnd you can stil feel his presents in your heart.You will be loving that person for who he is but not for wat he has.

21 Mar 2014 22:48

Yes i am nd thats wat lov z all abt

24 Mar 2014 22:48

@Maxmalombos du u have that True love.?????or you are jus like all those man who think WE good woman no longer exists????????

24 Mar 2014 23:13

U cm knowing wat really love is

25 Mar 2014 10:37

@brightsdubis,thanks.But what's your own view about True Love????????

2 Jun 2014 00:58
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2 Jun 2014 06:45

the goodness of women is in the eyes of man!

2 Jun 2014 20:52

u have 2 first pray.

3 Jun 2014 10:36

add me

4 Jun 2014 17:26

looking 4 true luv whastapp mi 0782 967 113

7 Jun 2014 16:15

Luking 4 TRUE LUV whatsapp 0782401206

7 Jun 2014 17:14

Hi hw r u .like u m lukn for someone to share my luv with .i yearn for someone i cn truly share my deepest emotions with and if u r interested i wuld like to ge to knw u beta and hopefuly for me to bcome ur desired charm.

10 Jun 2014 00:51

hey, lm also search fo e one whos special to my heart

10 Jun 2014 12:34

my name z trymore n um aged 23 n um luk'ng for a girl who z will'ng 2 be married bt she must be below 21 n e rest app me on 0736862134 thts my #

12 Jun 2014 01:45

I would like

15 Jun 2014 04:51

God is only1 who cn give u wat u need.