Zimbabwe forum: Family & kids - Adolescents part one
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7 Feb 2015 16:25

Adolescents is the transition from childhood to adulthood
when a child reaches this stage ther are certain changes which violate the principles of adults which coz despute among family members
to live a better family it iz very important fo a perent to nw mor about adolescence such that they cn understand each other better as well as giving correct advice to the child once reaches this stage

fo example a lot of pipo think that when a girl child starts mensuration .....it iz the worst period she had becoz they believe it cums with sickiness,,,,period pains such that it will be easy to identify the one on her period days but in reality it is the begining of a new phase such that she should feel happy to become a woman
it is also important to tell her that she nolonger a child bt an adult so she hev to play safe otherwise she would get pregnant

same applies to boys,at this stage the abuse of alcohol n drugs is high at this stage bt the problem here iz of financial crisis which lead to others became robbers as a way to mit their drug demands
as aparent it is important to educate yo son about the advantage n disadvantage of alcohol n drugs such that yo child can weigh n choose the better side
avoid giving negative effects only fo this block the way fo yo child to express his/her view

the perent is the only way to offer correct information for the child n it is the duty of us to make them wingz n let them fly

check out for the part two wher i cn give sme of the changes which mostly happens bt as fo nw the lets here yo thots n views u want to here in the next post