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27 Jan 2015 17:52

do you believe in online dating,explain your and rate your answer.

6 Feb 2015 12:16

I dont believe in online dating. This jus a bullshit. I believe one fall in love wth someone's personality. So how do I judge the personality of someone online. Wat is one is faking. I know one can even fake when not online but online faking is too much. I personally date someone I know. Online dating is just flirting & flirting is a dirty game one mistake - yu are committed.

6 Feb 2015 21:27
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6 Feb 2015 21:37

Why fake how wher u doing it, wz it live or thru sms

6 Feb 2015 23:50

Ev u ever tried it

6 Feb 2015 23:51

Its e best thing can hppn 2 u

6 Feb 2015 23:53

U gals r 2 fake thts wy

7 Feb 2015 05:41

That topic was done plz go thrue maforum posts and chek.

7 Feb 2015 05:52

Chek ths; is it good or bad finding yo soulmate/lover on a social site?and y gve us y Platinum-SquaD.come on guys is it not 1thing u twisting and apa thats a topic yakatoitwa kare neumwe..u stealn/crushing ideas

7 Feb 2015 23:06

I think datng on line is the best becoz you get to share mre about love

7 Feb 2015 23:12

I think its right

8 Feb 2015 15:09

Ya its ryt cuz u'll get someone who is gud not better