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19 Dec 2014 03:26

Is there any one who propose a lady using a direct word "ndokuda"

19 Dec 2014 21:31
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20 Dec 2014 08:00

aproach depents on character of the person you are talking to

20 Dec 2014 08:32

Quote by bwaibwai1
aproach depents on character of the person you are talking to

20 Dec 2014 08:34

I agree these days people will just love each other without meansioning action speaks louder than words

20 Dec 2014 08:35

karen tainyora tsamba mazuva another kungowatsura watopinda

21 Dec 2014 04:22

Hakuna hakuna.ndokuda inozotaurwa matomundima kare.

21 Dec 2014 04:45

It depends wth wt u looking for.if u truely love e gal u will use e ryt words nt action.its only tht takubatira chirungu pamusoro tirikuchiwanza chirungu

21 Dec 2014 12:30

ya they are still some tyms u need to do tht coz usually action works when u a given e chance to express it. bt they a few coz nowadays unotozo sarq wosvika pa bby uchiziva ma results

22 Dec 2014 05:49

hahaha kungoda munhu because aita action no no have to say wat you really feel for me.Wat if I don't give you the time to show me your actions unoda kuzodii

22 Dec 2014 05:51

And which actions will you be showing kuratidza kuti unondida.Tell me unondida not zvema actions izvo

23 Dec 2014 01:04

ndokuda unenge vakamboda vangani

25 Dec 2014 11:15

bby l luv u shld b said 1st followed by other supporting wrds t explain y u luv m.action alone z meaningless cz e 1st impression i gt frm u myt ruin everythn...don b shy t sae l luv u{ndokuda}at 1st and in yo relationship cz ts powerful.thank u

25 Dec 2014 11:44

U quite right just get to the point rather than beat the bush!

26 Dec 2014 10:06

Yes me

28 Dec 2014 00:02

Nowadays the words '' i love u " are used as a scapegoat or an excuse to get into ones is a gradual hw can u see a gal with ma "Zim assets" n u tel her tt u luv my frnds tts lust...tts ur disco stick talking...hence a gal shld be told tt after sme months

29 Dec 2014 21:50

i cn say t

31 Dec 2014 07:04

to be honest boys of nowadays are cowards. that's why there has been a surge in rape cases. don't ever think that actions will potray what you want.actions are sometimes deceiving .judas betrayed jesus with a kiss

31 Dec 2014 17:51

guyz l dnt wanna lie ndokuda hayiite l think l like you is pretty much good

31 Dec 2014 22:07

isu hatipotereri kana hana yangu yakuchiva ndinotokutaurira pa feya kuti ndinokuda and ipapo handikanganise