Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Christmas presents
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19 Dec 2014 02:47

Do we value these presents or we just do it fo the sake of doing? Some pipo buy these presents frm the street vendors mostly for less than $5 while others go for the cost once n my worry iz it the value of presents which determine the importants of partener or else fo example if i buy neckless for only 5 rand frm the street n giv it to ma gel as a present iz it i underestimate her importance or the idea is that i did it with clean heart n according to wat i hev
lets hear yo thots

25 Dec 2014 00:14

Its the thought that counts not the value

6 Jan 2015 16:54

Its what u think she will like n apreciate not value. B'coz value can b so deceiving at tyms.