Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - how do you handle this?
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5 Dec 2014 16:03

if you get married to a single mother with a child named after her former husband; how do you take that name popular in your home

7 Dec 2014 13:42

personally i don't see wants wrong because it's just a name

8 Dec 2014 07:56

zita harina kana basa.wat z important z ur love for each ada nemwana wacho

8 Dec 2014 07:59

Zita harina basa chakakosha rudo rwako kumunhu wako

9 Dec 2014 11:45

the name has got nothing to do wit yo relationship

14 Dec 2014 22:43

Ndozvawakada vaskana washaya yere

15 Dec 2014 08:09

l dont see anything wrong because there is really nothing in a name.Despite there could be a lot of people in your street or even family sharing the same name

15 Dec 2014 08:53

There is nothing wrong they named the child out of their love, u were not in the picture now that u r accept it as it is,

15 Dec 2014 09:15

akwava sanzu wototora nemashizha so wototamba irikurira

15 Dec 2014 17:27

kana wazvida hazvinetsi uye hazvibasa rudo chete ndorinodiwa

15 Dec 2014 17:40

devorce or akafa murume wacho hw do ladies react if its my chld wth my x wife name;achienda nemwana wacho for holidayz kvabereki vemurume;mukadzi achiiuya kuzoona mwana wake

16 Dec 2014 03:43

Its just a name guys and u were nt there wn e baby ws born,so I dnt c anything wrng wth t

17 Dec 2014 08:38

getting lost abit.single moms are not the kind of people you would marry if you want to stay out of trouble. when I miss my ex.I only wait for my kid to be ill.I know her mom will swiftly bring her to me and when we meet we won't be using our first names but it will be ba and ma Shingi.and I will get my dues even if she is now married to somebody.

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17 Dec 2014 20:29

Ko iwe ukawana zita rakafanana nerako hapana zvaungaite so be it

18 Dec 2014 09:14

Zita harina basa rudo chete

18 Dec 2014 18:43

I don't see a problem with that as long as you love each other and trust one another,by making a choice to love that lady you excepted responsibility toward her and the child. The problem comes if you want to listen to people and put that into practice,some will be Jealous and have a hidden agenda.

20 Dec 2014 06:00

Kana wada munhu ane mwana tora mwana iyeye se mwana wako.ko mwana anenge atadzei.ukuda mwana iyeye watowedzera rudo pakati penyu vavir

22 Dec 2014 18:56

yah zita arina basa but wat matters is the way one feels when calling the namesake

8 Jan 2015 09:14

Zita harina basa