Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - How would you know that this is desparation?
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4 Dec 2014 13:23

when you feel that u love sm1 who constantly hurt you, bt you still luv them. Is it desparation or love? How do u differentiate that?

4 Dec 2014 13:26

I have been confused of late. Nids help

5 Dec 2014 19:16

Most of the time you wil b in love, but the sad thing is you will be in love alone. Love is and should be reciprocal. Most people get into a relationship for the sake of passing time waiting for Mr or Mrs Right, the dont think of the outcome of their deed on the other person they are decieving. The best thing to do is to leave than waisting your time and love on someone who doesn't appreciate you.

6 Dec 2014 11:08

U are a little bit both, u love the person, but also desperate. U cant leave this person becoz u are afraid to be alone, but my dear u are already alone, its better to be lonely without some1 than to be lonely in a relationship. U need to learn to let go, it takes time. But look at yourself and know u are good enough to be with some1 who treats u with respect and also your feelings. At some point it won't be so shocking that the day u leave that relationship the person won't even care that much coz aready this person doesn't care. Make up your mind, and move on, no one is perfect but u deserve the best. Stand for your self and have confiedence and treat yourself with respect, u will realise u deserve more than this, I say move on, first find some courage to do so, so that u won't come back running to the very same selfish person...

8 Dec 2014 08:01

ts love dear bt urikuda munhu asingadikike

8 Dec 2014 08:07

with a status ontrested in man only if ts a she and the opposit is also true

8 Dec 2014 11:38

Where love exists, hurts become minimal. Where the 2 continue 2 hurt each other thats a receipe for disaster. Better be alone than in an ill company.

8 Dec 2014 13:34

Somtymz pple come into our lives that are jst so incredibly amazing but 4 one reason or another they are not meant 4 us.They are simply our present not our future,a heart has no logic 4 who it chooses 2 luv,no reason why but its only function is 2 luv.Someday u will choose 2 luv sam1 who chooses 2 luv u back and before u know it u would have spent your whole lives 2gether but until then your heart will luv who it luvs even if u can't have them forever!

8 Dec 2014 22:57

Some relationships are meant to last 4 a certain period of time. If they cross their due time, they can hurt u, or become very frustrating...

9 Dec 2014 15:39

hey, I thnk this forum helps a lot. I agree with most of you on your suggestions, bt the real ?n here is how do I differentiat the two. Confusion and desperation.

10 Dec 2014 15:02

help pliz b4 I fall 4eva

10 Dec 2014 21:52

yoz are classic simptoms of desparation. desperation is believin in false hope. U are fully aware of the wrong bn done to you, nw coz of the false hope u hve u managed to convince yoself that eventually that person wil one day realise wht u wnt her/him to see in you. So u put up with a lot shit thnkin that that day wil cme. Undastand 1 basic principle that no one hurts what they care for. And forget those stupid quotes lyk *if u cnt handle my worst then u dnt deserve my best* coz thats complete bulshit.

15 Dec 2014 17:43

Thanks nice heart. I guess it time I move on

16 Dec 2014 03:49

I think it goes either way coz u would think e jackass will change bt no a bird cannot change its feathers coz e weather z cold.it would be desperation coz u will be getting smthng like cash gifts etc so u will be afraid tht if u move on u won't find sm1 2 pamper u

3 Jan 2015 10:53

thanx a lot guys yu rly helped me see whr i am..ts mpving on tym

4 Jan 2015 20:42

We hurt the ones we love most