Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - long distance relationships
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28 Nov 2014 02:11

why they don't last

29 Nov 2014 16:39
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30 Nov 2014 15:33

If u really love each otha there's nothing lyk long distance

1 Dec 2014 06:37

Yes now your toking mabhudhi its true if you love each anther.no distance

1 Dec 2014 18:33

Its tough but needs commitment to each other

1 Dec 2014 23:44

its all abt hw u trust each other .

2 Dec 2014 16:59

Distance cant seperate 2 hrts dat luv each other.communication is always important,visiting each other oftenly.

2 Dec 2014 23:05

colored hahhaa[/red]

3 Dec 2014 05:24

I in particular am of the opinion that, a long distance relationship is wonderful and functional as would any other relationship would.Distance has never affected our morals and manifested our loyality.

19 Dec 2014 08:26

Not easy surely need a strong heart.coz wat if the other part decides not answer yo calls nor reply yo msges..its tough it is the survival of the fitest

19 Dec 2014 12:38

Many long-distance relationships certainly
succeed, but they require careful navigation from the
people involved to steer through the obstacles brought
on by geography.
Of course, with the right mindset, plenty of emotional
preparation and lots of work throughout, long-distance
relationships can and do work out. But many potential
pitfalls await every hopeful attempt at cross-country

21 Dec 2014 16:40

Long distance relationships are definitely risky and if u are unfortunate enough 2 be far away frm ur significant other,the prospect of potentially ruining ur relationships can seem daunting.Just becoz long distance relationships are difficult doesn't mean they are impossible,simple adjustments 2 ur attitude and lyfstyle can help u keep ur loved one in ur lyf!