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24 Nov 2014 12:14

Where to buy a cheap phone in Zimbabwe

Exchanging your old mobile phone with a brand new smartphone has never been so easy. There are several ways to purchase a new Android, for example, you can buy it at your local supermarket, try online stores, or Internet market places. However, you may feel like prices in supermarkets are too high, especially in the biggest cities like Harare or Bulawayo. More and more people are choosing MoboFree classifieds, which are proven to be trustworthy and have already helped a lot of people to buy, sell, or even swap their phones. You can quickly sell your old phone and then buy a new cheap smartphone without leaving home. You can find any phone model using the search bar and then choose the device that fits your needs. Once you find a new phone for yourslf, don‘t forget that you can simply post an advert of your old mobile and sell it to someone else!
If you are struggling to choose the right mobile, there is no doubt that Samsung phones are the leaders across the globe, including Zimbabwe. The manufacturer provides the best quality for a very reasonable price. The most popular and best-selling are Note and Galaxy series phones. Samsung Galaxy S2 is a highly recommended smartphone because of the device’s outstandingly great features:
• perfect 8MP camera,
• 16/32GB space for music, photos, videos, and other files,
• powerful 1GB processor that guarantees fast and efficient work,
• light weight, slim body, innovative design.

MoboFree classified ads offer both brand new and perfectly working fairly used mobile phones. The messaging system allows you to contact the seller and find out all the necessary details before purchasing the item. Where do you prefer to buy your phone?

27 Nov 2014 20:49

Very good topic.anyone selling galaxy pocket?

4 Dec 2014 06:16
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15 May 2015 11:26

i want it

19 Aug 2015 00:32

anyone selling a samsung galaxy S2