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21 Nov 2014 01:43

it is difficult to say or ask your best friend to go on a romantic date with .Sometimes the reply makes people to hesitate to say what they feel,
1 because they will be afraid of losing their friendships

23 Nov 2014 09:36

oooh thats it

23 Nov 2014 09:58

If u love a gal dnt befriend her 2 e extent tht u will be hurt wn u c her wth sm1.if u wnt her jus tell her there n there rather thn be friends coz u will lose e gal u love n e friend.she z a 2in1

23 Nov 2014 14:02

Thats impossible

23 Nov 2014 15:20

Yu can be friends and date bt dnt be friends to date. As friends u can become close and develop feelings for one another, if true friendship is there u know hw to say it coz u know @ other well

24 Nov 2014 12:32

yes u cn date ur friend bt mukarambana pakaipa

24 Nov 2014 20:22

its better to let her know that u fil somethin, emotionally.

25 Nov 2014 02:01

A friend is someone who knows the real u and someone who z always there 4 u through your hardships but is it really worth a risk 2 date your friend coz u might have a messy break up then u lose your friend forever

25 Nov 2014 12:24

Dating a frend aint the coolest thng to do if that frend is yo confident vaimbomuudza evrythng hw u play wth other grl's heart ,t wont b easy to win her heart n trust .Jus b frenz nthng mo nthng les

26 Nov 2014 01:59

Hamumborambana bt relationship yenyu will be much stronger

27 Nov 2014 05:12

gyz be real;a frnd ka pakaipa;hve mine since o-level until now;best frnd;bt hy pakaipa;u cn spnd e whole day together;now all yr background;help each other even now bt one thing i noe u can say u hve flingz think tht u a joking

27 Nov 2014 05:13
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27 Nov 2014 07:14

Kana achiziva zvese then probably she knows kuti yu love her and shz waiting for yu to say it, maybe anototyawo kukutanga as a friend.

27 Nov 2014 07:27

I know of a couple whom wer frnds very close 4 3yrz,that the man was alwaz ther 4 the lady weneva she had ups n dwns wth her they happily marid nw its 6yrz dwn the line they 2gether.3yrz as gud frnds.3yrz varimurudo .thy weded last December n nw they mai nababa mufundisi.they fultime in Pastorn/Evangelism.but then they wer waiterz in SA.yes its possible date a frnd

27 Nov 2014 13:19

its always good to try your luck

27 Nov 2014 13:27

Thats y m jelous wth my boyfrnds frnds weneva hz online/watsup/fb coz we startd as frnds,i fear they myt fall 4 each as we dd wen we wer frnds

28 Nov 2014 12:46

Its ok 2 marry yr best frend and b hapy ever after but wen u r marid u dnt hav 2 find another frend of the opp sex since u marid yr BEST. All other ties shd b terminated if u r 2 enjoy yr mariage.

29 Nov 2014 03:09

It is as effective as taking time to know each other which is dating proper.Dating does not mean getting intimate but the interim eg. going outt together before one proposes.It all depends but sincerely it is not never basing on constricting circumstances.

29 Nov 2014 05:49

Haaa gyz it hurst d mst if sh refuzd aftr all u hd bn 2gther. I once hd 0ne sh wz d bst frend evr. I dated her Ndkmuudza chokwd abt mi filings sh refuzd in a way yandkatadza knzisisa wether sh mean it or nt . Our frendshp broke apart sh no longer trust m

30 Nov 2014 06:55

Thats what happens but trust is the connerstone uppon which many relashionships are built on