Zimbabwe forum: Business - 8 steps to success in network marketing
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19 Nov 2014 10:59

Consider the following tips to becum successful in network marketing
1 dreams-every bdy has his or her dreams depends on wat u wanna be in lyf so u hev to review yo dreams by listing them dwn fo this brings an element of reality while unwritten dreams iz only an inspiratiom
2 comitment_u hev to comit yourself to yo dreams fo it iz clear that potential without comitment iz nothing
3 name list_remember in mlm the more the pipo u invite the bigger the chances to get better bonuses so u hev to list dwn the names of those who intend to do business with
4 invitation-invite listed pipo to business n amy other pipo
5 follow up-sm pipo after invite them may say will join if got money or the other day so u hev to follow their developments
6 check n survice normally this may be done by the company so u dnt hev to worry about this
7 belief-have belief in yourself that u r going to mek it
8duplication-copy wat others doing who r successful
lets hear yo thots on this

19 Nov 2014 18:03
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20 Nov 2014 18:14

Especially on step #7,you have to develop into yourself much confidence never judge yourself. Just bear in mind that you are one in a million kkk coz loosers quit while winners persist.

24 Nov 2014 20:36

believe everything is possible

27 Mar 2015 14:37