Zimbabwe forum: Business - Bussiness sustaining plan
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13 Nov 2014 22:54

Time is money in terms of business,then for a business to boost should a business person

i) specialise/monopolyse in one trade
ii) Or invest into other business

lets hear your tips on this?

17 Nov 2014 07:05

Most of people they dnt understand business if you tel smbdy invest yo money the only the thing he/she told u iz that ndonyudza mari yangu
it iz also that we are resisting change it iz clear that network marketing iz doing better as compared to others forms of business bt because u r paid on comission so most of the people they dnt wnt this idea becoz of lazinss
pple also nid to appreciate that doing business and going to wrk are 2 different thngs . A person cn go to wrk to earn a living will at the same tym make money for his or her boss where as in business u cn mek money fo yourself
smpple r failing to understand that hakuchina mabasa so business is the way to go bt opening a barber shop or selling different things is nt a business i bhindauko
those who r interested in business inbox me

18 Nov 2014 16:03

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