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1 Nov 2014 12:03

Having received quite a number of request to b in a (FWB)FRIENDS WTH BENEFITS relatnshp .I took t upon myself to hv a look at t .Some cal t no strings attached bt ts al the same ts an agreement btwn 2 pple who are frenz and physicaly attracted to the other to share a sexual relatnshp .Neither party is committed to the other and both cn start dating sm one else at any tym and thre is no agreement in any sort of official dating or romantic behavior ...wat i nid to undastand is ths (1)Can men or women hav sex wthout a sense of love? (2)Can frenz wth benefits turn into a relatnshp ?(3)Who benefits? (4)Are thre any risks or benefits from ths relatnshp set up

3 Nov 2014 11:53
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4 Nov 2014 04:24
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4 Nov 2014 07:19

I think people do have sex in loveless affairs...and friends without benefits are complex affairs,but the truth is the person who innitiates it has in mind to benefit very much from it.
Fwb affairs -you put yrself at risk of being heart-broken coz you'll be simply putting yrself at risk of being emotionally attached to somebody who has no intention of commiting to you at all.Bottom-line is its a users affair.!
If you make room to care for each other it may become a serious and productive relationship...but that usually takes a lot of time and real personal attention which doesnt exist in such affairs mostly.

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4 Nov 2014 13:46


4 Nov 2014 19:42

interesting it doesn't benefit one person I agree these type of relationship shoo have high risks of heartbreaks but I simply say trust but not toomuch

5 Nov 2014 14:08

Be 4 considering a FWB relatnshp u shld ...1 Be prepared to let go n neva b too attached ths cn end at any tym .2 Dn refer or look at t as a relatshp ts nothng mo than an agreement to hv no strings attachd sex .3 Neva plan too far ahead ths may scare off sm one who z afraid of commitment .4 Try to spend as little tym together if u dn want to dvelop feelings towards the other .5 Dnt enter ths relatnshp hoping that t wl be romantic.6 Dnt b shocked to c yo fwb partner wth sm one in public.7 Dnt fyt or argue ths relatshp z meant fo fun relaxing and as wel as shown yo nasty side...those who nt fo commitment and wana have sme fun or u jus lustful i recommend ths typ of relatnshp tho t has ts own risks

7 Nov 2014 08:51

Firstly sex and love are two difrent thingz and ofcourse FWB can turn into a serious rletionship depending on how close and connected u a,FWB is 2 benefit both woman and a man coz at the first place no one wld agree 2 be n dat frandship wen he or she knws dat he doesn't benefit anthing from dat frandship and there are risks lyk difrent diseases and wen one's feelings grow stronger whilst the other othr one doesn't feel nyting

9 Nov 2014 05:44

frendz wt benefit, i fink peopl wud hv jus loved to be open to each othr, marelationships akawanda angova mabenefit oga oga, ts only tat peopl wil b fakng love, beneficial inozonyanya ku madzimai coz ey benefit both sides,

9 Nov 2014 22:09

Why wil 1 b afraid to commit himself/herself nd settle fo less? there's no benefit here coz sm1 wl b doing it out of fear to fulfill his/her agreement nd nt out of love. Let's commit our selves to longlasting healthy relationships wth love nd respect fo each other

9 Nov 2014 22:23

Morgan thats powerful pple shldnt settle fo les bt suppoz m nt ready to settle dwn n dn wana go jumping frm one bed to the other wnt a FWB beta than numerous one nyt stands ...i wl b havng one sex partner ka

9 Nov 2014 22:49

I agree with u Morgan.those 1nyt stands or fwb thing lead 2 heartbreaks.wt if u get pregnant yet u nt attracted 2 guy n he z nt into u?whts next?

10 Nov 2014 09:36

Frazer fwb shld b safe fun waiziva

10 Nov 2014 23:02

Shaquan so do u want to hv a fwb relatnshp ? I hope nt becoz in u i hav found a woman i so desire jus gv me a chance to prove t

10 Nov 2014 23:04

A fwb z ok only fo those wth loose morals real pple opt fo the real thng ..sexualy yes u benefit bt thre z no emotional growth u are always at 1 level u dn dvlp

11 Nov 2014 10:25

ndezve kupenga ingosiyanai nazvo

11 Nov 2014 12:35

Donald nemhaka yei uchiti tisiyane nazvo gv us reasons kti zvapengera papi pple nid to b informed

13 Nov 2014 03:46

l advise u to get tested if u want to starts any sort of sexual relatuonships coz kwakuuraya kungoda kunakurwa ,
zvinonaka zvouraya guys.

13 Nov 2014 06:19

I agree before starting this FWB thing I think u have to go get tested both of u coz u can change the rest of your life nezvinu zve 30minutes but my advise guys siyanai nazvo!

14 Nov 2014 09:56

Proud u got a very valuable point thre even ts nt a fwb thng u shld knw the status of yo sexual partner .What i rily wana knw z cn a fwb develop into smthng real i mean kutosvika pakuroorana ?