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25 Oct 2014 17:56

It may feel like a cönstant ache that affects one or both sides of the head .You may also feel the neck muscles tighten and a feeling pressure behind the eyes .The pain can be isolated or it radiates across the head from one point or have a vise like quality .It can also be a sharp pain,throbbing sensation or dull aches that may b gradual or sudden and may last fo an hr or several days .The pain originates from the tissues and structures that surround the brain -ts becoz the brain itself has no nerves that gv rise to the sensation of pain ...Some headaches are caused by seasonal changes ie heat n cluster headaches ,sm are caused by injuries or inflammed nerves ...Allow me to shed sm light on the types of headaches ,their management n treatment nt overlooking their triggers and causes ..

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30 Oct 2014 16:22

Headaches cn be classfied as 1 Primary 2 Secondary 3 Cranial neuralgias ....nw let me enlight u mo on PRIMARY HEADACHES ....1Dehydration Headache ...our brains are 80% water when u bcome dhydrated yo brain tissues loses water causing brain to shrink and pulk away from the skull ,ths trigger pain receptors gving a headache . Blood volume drops and in turn lowers the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain -In response the blood vessels in the brain dilate leading to swelling and inflammation worsening the headache .Ths type of headache can occur at any side of the head ,movement aggravate them and mek pain worse ,walking is excruiating ,the mouth wl b dry ,fatigue and thre is an increase blood pressure and nausea .Dehydration headaches cn b treated by 1 reducing physical activity to prevent tøo much losage of water 2 drink plenty water 3 replace lost electrolytes 4 take a pain killa...HEAT HEADACHE -Summer brings wth t a unique set of triggers sunlyt,dehydratiön ,increased physical activity,allergies and humidity .Ths summer i advise u to 1 Shield yoself becoz bright sunlyt is a commön trigger wear sunglasses and wide brimmed hats 2Hydrate to gauge yo hydration examine yo urine -t should b colourless and yo stools shld nt resemble pebbles 3 Exercise caution pre-treat extertional headaches wth nònsteroidal anti- inflammatory prescriptions these are taken 30mins bfore the exercise 4Eat n drink smart 5Beware of all yo triggers ...SEX HEADACHES -These are brought on by sexual activity especialy on orgasm .A dull ache in the head or neck builds up as sexual excitement increases ,may b experienced severely bfore or duing orgasm wen ths happens relax n if t persists an over the counter painkilla wl do wonders

1 Nov 2014 12:17

Stl at primary headaches-TENSION HEADACHES ..thse are caused by the contraction of the muscles that cover the skull .Wen muscles covering the skul are stresd they may become inflamed ,go into a spasm and coz pain.Ths headache z characterised by pain that begins in the back of the head ,intense pressure at the temples or over the eyebrows ,bilateral pain t affects both sides of the head and pain z sporadic tho t can occur frequently.Thse cn b treated wth over the counter drugs CLUSTER HEADACHES ..are rare type of headache .It commonly affects men in their late 20s tho women and chn cn also suffer ths type too .Lastly MIGRAINE HEADACHES wl look at those separately later on remind me

4 Nov 2014 09:38

SECONDARY HEADACHES-Are a symptom of an injury or an underlying illness .Patients shld seek medical care fo new onset headaches,fever,change in behavior,vomiting,weaknes or change in sensation .Thse range frm dental pain frm infected teeth,pain frm infected sinus to lyf threatening conditions like bleeding in the brain or infections lyk encephalitis or meningitis .Ths grp also include tramatic headaches n post concussion headaches nt forgetn thoz associated wth substance abuse and excess use of medications used to treat headaches ...CRANIAL NEURALGIAS HEADACHES-Neuralgia means nerve pain .Cranial neuralgia describes inflammation of one of 12 nerves that supply the motor and sensation function of the head n neck .Nerves susceptible to pain are the trigemimal n glossopharyngeal the former cz pain in the areas of the eyes,cheeks n lower part of the face n the latter throat ,tonsils,tongue n ears ...TREATMENT -1 Anticonvulsant taken in high doses to block nerve firing 2 Combined drug treatment and complementary techniques lyk osteopathy,acupunture,massages or vitamin therapy ...LOOK out fo management n treatment of headaches

12 Nov 2014 12:16

How to manage headaches
1 Find and avoid triggers that cause yo headaches
2 Carry yo medicine wth u so u treat a headache ryt away wen u fl one starting
3 Dnt tek over the counter pain relievers mo than 3tyms a wk becoz u may get rebound headaches
4 Take drugs that coz fewest side effects (non steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs)
5 Exercise regulary,eat wel and reduce stress
NB Dnt take asprin if u are below 19 t causes Reye Syndrome -ts a rare bt serious condition that causes the swelling in the liver and brain

20 Nov 2014 09:34

Jus a brief bt informative look at Migrane headache
Migraine is a result of specific physiologic changes that occur wth in the brain ,usualy associated wth sensitivity to light,sound and smells sme may experience nausea and vomiting .Migraines involves only 1 syd of the head bt in rare cases sm may experience bilateral pain .The pain z throbing or pounding and may b made worse wth physical exertion . Sme experience an aura whch last several mins b4 the onset of the migraine or until the headache resolves ,fo those that do nt experience an aura the symptoms cn b frightening and cn mimic the symptoms of a stroke ...one asked if migraines are hereditary ,jus hang on