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2 Mar 2014 12:20

In love affairs and more commited relationships,who holds the power and controls the life and nature of the relationship......??

Edited by Sharkey / 3 Mar 2014 10:09
5 Mar 2014 05:04

It doesnt matter how commited a man is-if a woman is not the center of a relationship it will never work.....an affair will succeed depending on how liberated your woman is??...

21 Mar 2014 03:07

Uuuuu but sharke in other relashanship it depens others get in desparately so the one whos not desparate is e w holds e power an controls evtng i have smtng i witnesd before

7 May 2014 07:12

If i hear you clearly JB,my take would be its the mode but in bad taste,cause such relationships last as long as the dependency remains-once the needy partner gets liberated its over!