Zimbabwe forum: Family & kids - threat to unemployed husband/wife
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21 Oct 2014 12:27

Are working women/men a threat to their unemployed husband/wife?

22 Oct 2014 00:04

yea l guess

22 Oct 2014 01:49

Yes women are threat if their husband's are unemployed

22 Oct 2014 03:35

Yes they ae threat ,especially if the wife is working ,the husband will suffer

22 Oct 2014 09:15

yes nd e bible support em e women, it says u shall labour for ur fmly

22 Oct 2014 12:03

No they are not u talk this issue during yo courtship period nd if there are any differences, u let go peacefully

23 Oct 2014 08:17
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25 Oct 2014 01:59

Especially tru if its the husband who is unemployed coz inferiority complex takes over reason , such that with every positive move the wife makes, the husband feels threatened more and more.no matter hw much the wife tries to genuinely love and pamper the man,he mostly doesn't embrace it with open arms thinking that its show off.if the woman tries to rebuke the man lovingly over something bad he would have done he feels disrespected coz h is not working.its even worse if the woman gets along with her male counterparts @ work,jealousy affects the husband who even thinks she would b in love with any 1 of workmates

25 Oct 2014 06:29

Mmmm , bt even women bost in the house wen the husband is nt working. They disrespect their husband especial if he nt weking

27 Oct 2014 16:51

Yes there is threat to unemployed men than women,a number of unemployed men are being illtreated mudzimba umu

29 Oct 2014 05:29

Primerose 98 you are very right. Men just feel threatened coz for sure murume ndiye muchengeti saka it it becomes th otheway round zvinokunetsai. As a non working wife, haa for sure most men munotsvinya. munovhaira nemari dzenyu. dzinogara muhomwe. tichitoudzw kuti tsvaga yako.