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16 Oct 2014 10:29

With tym mostly frm their 30s men suffer a wide variety of ailments that cause complications in their relationshps and lives .Imagine a man going into a kind of menopause-grouchy, mood swings, hot flashes, lack of energy ,loss of libido, irritability...sounds lyk an old lady ryt -WELCOME TO ANDROPAUSE, a condition that mst men suffer frm and nid information to deal wth ... Tho nt permanently erasing mens' reproductivity ths condition cn be devastating -lets look at the little suffering and confusion that men bear wth age and hide under the carpet...

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16 Oct 2014 11:28

Andropause is also knwn as male menopause .It is a result of a gradual drop in testosterone whch is an androgen .When man get into hs early 30s he begins losing testosterone at a rate of 1or 2% a yr .When andropause occurs t is considered to b a dèficiency state in whch the hormones testosterone and dehydroepindrosterone goes below the normal range fo aging male .Testosterone assists in male body building protein and is crucial fo normal sex drive and stamina . It also cöntributes to several metabolic functions including bone formation and liver function . Andropause is also associated wth a decrease in leyding cells these are cells found adjacent to the seminiferous tubules in the testicles

16 Oct 2014 11:32

Iwe usatityise.!...what does this imply to a man in that age-range.?
What can one do to control that damage.?

16 Oct 2014 11:52

ummm 30yrs is too early my friend. 30 itori ripe age. life begin at 40, thats when people start experiencing all that but those are th best yrs in life as well.

16 Oct 2014 12:53

maybe its coz of a decrease in lyf expectancy that's why it starts so early

16 Oct 2014 13:46

Andropause z gradual and the decrease of testosterone z at a rate of 1%or 2 a year signs starts to show at a later age unlike in female menopause

16 Oct 2014 14:02

Sharkey andropause is linked to anger and social wthdrawal ,hypersensitivity, anxiety,depression,insomnia,erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia(male breats) There are also external causes sme medications men take fo ailments, poor diet,execessive alcohol consumption ,illness,lack of sex ,stress or surgery .There are also internal causes ths condition is preceeded by a condition called hypogonadism .A dwnturn in the circulatn of testosterone changes the hypothalamus and pituitary glands trigger a release of brain hormones that stimulate the testicles to ramp up production of testosterone.Andropause is influenced by yo lifestyle or other unseen internal causes and the tym t strike may b determined by thse

16 Oct 2014 18:23

shaquaan sando dzako well done I think u make it clear especially 2 me

16 Oct 2014 21:09

Nyc lecture

17 Oct 2014 14:16

Andropause cn b treated by replacing testosterone in the blood .Testosterone is available in a variety of diff preparations lets look at sm of these .1 Skin patches -testosterone z received thru the skin ,the patch allow a slow release of testosterone.It is applied once a day to dry area of the skin on the back ,abdomen,upper arms or thighs 2 Testosterone Gel -applied directly to the skin usually arms .Care must be taken wash hands afta using gel 3 Capsules -Taken twice a day after meals 4 Testosterone injections -Involves (testosterone cypionate &testosterone enanthate) in the muscles every 2 to 4 wks .....Finally we wl look at contradictions of testosterone

17 Oct 2014 17:10

Shaquaan ,asi tokuti Dr, kkkkkkk

17 Oct 2014 17:20

Thompson yes m doctor Shaq

18 Oct 2014 16:46

Testosterone capsules shld nt b taken by men wth liver diseases ,serious heart or kidney disease or too much calcium in their blood .Men wth prostate or breast cancer shld nt tek testosterone .If u are on any medication consult a doc first ....hope u learnt a thng or two m open to questions

21 Oct 2014 13:03

Thanx guy i didnt knw that

29 Oct 2014 22:55

"Andropause is influenced by one's lifestyle "I lyk tht bt hw do I know I'm going thru tht period?

30 Oct 2014 09:55

Morgan as soon as a man hits 30 he begins to lose testosterone slowly ,sme life stlye traits contribute to ths too .Most men who drink excessively have erectile dysfunction later on .It is nt easily noted as in menopause whre the woman stops menstruation , basically wat al men shld do is to maintain a health lifestyle in order to hav a blisful sexlife til the end .Also i urge u to look at the causes of andropause and check yoself if any trait z on the list work on t..hope u were answered

4 Nov 2014 15:43

Men wth a deficiency of VitD hav low testosterone .Eat food wth lots of vitamin D like tuna fish whether canned or fresh t cn b a natural way of boosting testosterone .Milk helps keep testosterone in check choose low fat or skimmed milk,egg yolks one a day z advisable if u dn nt hv pre existing cholesterol issues .Beans especialy white or blek beans offer mo benefits to male sexual health .If u are obese try to lose weight ,reduce stress too n limit or eliminate sugar frm yo diet ..EAT HEALTHY AND BOOST TESTOSTERONE LEVEL